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Perfect Dipping Powder Storage Jars, Nail Polish Bottes, Nail Polish Storage Boxes


 Nail art is now a new type of industry, more and more young people are happy to enjoy nail art, promoting the prosperous development of the nail industry. Nail supplies packaging in the field of cosmetics packaging is relatively special because its appearance regardless of the shape can only be applied to nail supplies packaging,

3Plastics focuses on plastic container customization solutions, with years of industry experience and processing customization experts, 3plastics can be customized according to customer requirements. Our team can integrate your samples, drawings, and ideas into high-quality products.


Plastic Jars for Nail Dip Powder Storage, Acrylic Powders


3Plastics manufactures a wide range of capacities of empty clear plastic jars dip powder container,  that is suitable for your nail dip powder storage, empty acrylic powder containers, crystal powders, UV gels, acrylic gels, or any other nail supplies.

As a professional factory, our empty plastic jars are available in various designs and styles to suit the needs of different users. No matter which product you are looking for, you can find them on 3plastics. Find the best nail dip powder storage jars for personal and commercial use.


Featured Empty Clear Plastic Jars for Nail Dip Powder Storage Ideas

The materials used in these nail dip powder storage jars, empty acrylic powder containers are carefully selected to ensure that high standards are maintained. The dip powder container is strong enough to resist the manufacturing process and provide long-term durability. Being chemically inert, they prevent any kind of reaction with the stored products. As a result, the nail dip powder storage containers jars will not change the taste, color, or flavor of the items stored in them. Their chemical inertness also ensures that a wide range of nail powder products can be safely packaged and stored using these acrylic powder jars. The following are several nail dip powder storage ideas for your reference.

Plastic Bottles for Nail Polish Bottles, Nail Gel Top Glue and Nail Polish Remover Bottles

A wide range of plastic bottles, plastic jugs for empty nail polish bottles wholesale, nail polish containers nail dipping powder gel top glue systems, and also easy using push pump nail polish remover bottles for your selection.

Custom color, labeling, printing support. 


Custom Shape PETG Nail Polish Bottles


As a professional manufacturer, 3plastics can produce custom shape plastic unique empty nail polish bottles and brushes as per customer design, The following are some PETG nail polish bottles, nail polish containers for our customers.

PETG material is clear, which is similar to glass but not easy to be broken, easy to transport, and can be made in different shapes.

 Contact us now to customize the unique empty nail polish bottles or other cosmetic packaging designs for your brand. 

Empty Nail Polish Remover Bottles


Push Pumps of the nail polish remover bottles are perfect for storing your Gel Residue Wipe Off Remover or Acetone for quick and easy access and they are also a great way to prevent and messy spillages on your workstation. And also we can make screw caps bottles, and dropper tip caps bottles for nail polish remover, the HDPE cylinder round or Boston round shape is popular for nail remover bottles


Empty Plastic Bottle and Jugs for Nail Top Glue Packaging


Boston Round, Cosmo Round, Cylinder Round Plastic Bottles with twist top caps, flip caps, screw caps for your nail dipping powder top gel glue packagings. made of Durable HDPE LDPE Material, Volumes from 100ml-1000ml.

For small packaging, the dropper bottles could be a creative nail glue packaging container.

And for big volume nail glue packaging, we also have f-style plastic jugs for sellection.

Contat us now to get your own bottles

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Plastic nail tip art storage boxes, nail polish storage boxes, organizer case


The plastic transparent storage box is an ideal tool for storing small accessories, nail pieces, nail flowers, earrings, nail stickers, small accessories, nail polish organizer case and so on.

Made of PP plastic material, make the nail polish organizer box translucent, lightweight, durable, not fragile.


10 cells divided boxes or 1 cell big volume plastic storage case containers suitable for your jewelry, nail decoration, nail art tips storage. If you are a nail art supplier , 3plastics can help you to custom and make your unique pp boxes, contact us now.

Plastic Nail storage boxes, nail art tips storage organizer box


Custom PP Plastic nail polish box, nail polish organizer storage case, nail polish storage container


PP Material Safety and environmental protection nail polish box, A multi-functional boxes for nail polish, Custom nail polish storage box can be stacked to save space, Available in many sizes, Thickened material, better load-bearing capacity.

As we are factory, contact us to custom your unique nail polish storage case now.