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Cylinder Round Plastic Bottles

Cylinder round bottle is a bottle with flat shoulder, which is a classic bottle shape in the bottle packaging industry.
The cylinder round bottles are available in wide range sizes and can be paired with different sprayers, pumps, flip top caps & dispensing closures, which is great for all types of personal care, hair care, cosmetic products including shampoos, lotions or household cleaners.
The natural color of PET plastic is clear, and HDPE LDPE material is half-transparent white.
We can custom the colors you like such as black, white, amber, blue, green and more.
Brand decoration service of Labeling & printing support.
Click on any products below for more information or request free samples from us of the Boston round plastic containers. Also If you have your own design and want to customize, contact our sales to discuss further.

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HDPE Cylinder Round Bottles

HDPE Cylinder round bottles is a commonly used bottle shapes for liquid and high viscous liquid products. Commonly found paired with plastic cap, pumps ckaging for medications, certain chemical mixtures, and health and beauty products. Since these can support multiple types of closure, it's easy to find child-resistant closures for potentially harmful products.

Closures for Cylinder Round Bottles

Closures of cylinde round bottles includes lotion pumps, sprayers, disc top cap, twist top cap for your variety application.

3Plastics has a highly skilled and experienced R&D team, committed to the research and development of new products for a long time, and providing customers with personalized customization:


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