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HDPE Vs LDPE Plastic Bottles, Containers In 16+ Types

HDPE Bottles List

HDPE plastic bottles are ideal for a wide range of applications, due to its good strength and chemical resistance, you surely can find multiple styles, capacities of HDPE bottles here at 3Plastics, and are you ready to get your desired ones now?

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HDPE Plastic Jug on the picture.

Work On Flexibility, Innovative

We offered the HDPE plastic bottles, jars, jugs, and caps in many different colors, shapes, capacities for all kinds of industries, we have grown our experience, expertise, insights from cooperating with our clients, and the R&D department can provide you with custom services, our purpose is still clear, give you most suitable packaging solutions in a cost-effective way. You can browse through our part of HDPE plastic bottles below, also you're welcome to share your creative ideas about HDPE containers with us here, we together can make it happen.

Ldpe Bottles Shop.

Compare to HDPE material, LDPE containers have less rigid, more translucent, which makes LDPE plastic bottles widely used for many squeeze applications, typically examples like ketchup bottles, eye drop bottles, portable liquid foundation bottles, etc. More styles below are waiting for you to explore.

The products below are either HDPE plastic bottles or LDPE plastic containers, we selected them for you because these plastic containers are our hot-selling products and are already commonly used in its area, please feel free to let us know what kind of HDPE & LDPE bottles do you prefer, in addition, if you got creative packaging ideas for your products, contact us here, our R&D department and experienced expert will offer consultant and custom made services, we together can bring your ideas to reality. Most importantly, you have 15% off on all of our plastic containers on the first order now, save you up to $200.

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