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PCR Plastic is Popular with Environmental Culture and is Exploding in The Market

Updated: May 18, 2023

If you are in charge of procurement, a little attention to the supply chain news, you will find that this year, all kinds of PCR raw materials out of the endless.

If you are responsible for brand communication, PCR plastic is not an unfamiliar word either. It has become an important marketing selling point for products and companies in the context of carbon reduction.

With the global "carbon reduction" boots on the ground one by one, environmental protection culture has long been widespread. However, there are so many environmentally friendly materials on the market, why is PCR plastic favored by the big brands?

Simply put, this is the result of the combination of the requirements of the carbon reduction environment (production side) + environmental awareness upgrade (consumer side).

Why do we have to use PCR plastic?Today I will introduce PCR plastic in detail, I believe that in the near future, you will certainly use!

●Production side:PCR plastic is far more environmentally friendly than ordinary recycled material!

Many people may not think, think PCR is not just another way to say recycle! This is a bit limited.

PCR (Post Consumer Recycling), or post-consumer plastic, is mainly derived from the secondary recycling of plastics from our daily consumption of household chemicals, appliances and automobiles. Before we often deal with the "back to the material", in fact, called PIR, post-industrial recycling (Post Industrial Resin). The source is generally the factory injection molding products produced by the water mouth, vice brand, residual products, etc., from the factory directly recycled, reuse.

What is the difference between the two?

Obviously, the volume of PCR used for domestic consumption is much higher than that of PIR, and if the plastic that completes its consumer life is not recycled, it will bring huge pollution every year. PCR recycled plastic, therefore, is a good solution to this problem.

At the same time, many policies favoring PCR plastics have been introduced: for example, the British tax and customs issued a "plastic packaging tax", less than 30% of recycled plastic packaging tax rate of 200 pounds per ton. At home, large companies have to fulfill the social responsibility issued by the local government, which makes domestic and foreign brands have increased the selection of PCR plastic.

● Consumer side: Users are increasingly favoring environmentally friendly products!

With the upgrading of consumption, consumers' awareness of environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger, and "environmental protection" has become one of the three areas of greatest consumer concern, together with after-sales service and quality.

Similarly, sales of products that clearly demonstrate the environmental tone are also rising. The representative example is the dark horse of this year's speculative shoe circle - Nike Air force1, the midsole is mixed with colorful particles, mapping out the tiny plastic waste in the ocean. Consumers wear it, you can boast their "environmentalist" identity, perfect for young people who love to show off.

There is no doubt that "environmental protection" has become a new selling point, with its own topic traffic!

With the current daunting goal of carbon reduction, there are only a few more PCR plastic applications in various industries in the future.

Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint or improve your product's environmental selling point, please feel free to contact us!


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