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Popular Plastic Sauce Bottles You Need To Know

In 5 minutes, knowing the extraordinary plastic condiment and sauce bottle around you, ready to spice up your life.

Wholesale multi-color squeeze plastic ketchup bottle - 3plastics

The ketchup has already become a worldwide sauce, and it's America's favorite condiment. While the ketchup manufacturers continue to improve the quality of ketchup, created low-calorie, low-salt ketchup to meet consumers' demand, the packaging manufacturers also want to provide consumers with safer, more convenient, recyclable container.

So What Kind Of Plastic Bottle For Ketchup?

There is answer here: We can see both glass bottle and plastic bottle for sauce in the market, we can't say which one is better than another, but we do use plastic ketchup bottle more, right?

Most of the plastic ketchup bottles are still old-fashioned and practical style, they have the wide-mouth opening, which makes them easy to filling and refilling, given the material's character, you can squeeze the bottle for dispensing easily. By the way, in addition to ketchup, this condiment bottle is perfect for storing vinegar, frosting and many other ingredients.

3Plastics is a professional plastic packaging manufacturer, the plastic ketchup bottle is one of our hot-sale deal, you can choose the ketchup bottle dispenser from 3plastics in different capacity, style, color. the wholesale price and fast shipping are waiting for you, and if you order now, you will get 15% discount on the first order, up to $200. Click here to shop now.

Salt And Condiment Plastic Bottle

Except the squeezable plastic sauce bottle, salt and condiment dispenser are involved with your daily life too, unlike glass bottle, plastic condiment dispenser will be more convenient to carry and safer, even you drop the bottle accidently, it won't broken.

Take a look at this powder condiment dispenser and salt dispenser, see if they are better choices for you, take them to your party, barbecue, you can fill them with salt, sugar, pepper and other condiments you like.

Are those sauce and condiment bottle interesting? Don't forget, they all can label and print whatever you like. Not enough? try a custom-made way, give yourself a little imagination.

The Process Of Our Custom Made

3Plastics provide professional custom-made services to meet clients' demand. If you want to start a new business and find a niche in the market by launching a new unique product, and need a good plastic packaging, we're here to help, send us your design, blueprint, we can make it real.

"What if I don't have product sample, blueprint, can you help with plastic bottle design?" Yes, check our custom package process, tell us your ideas, our engineers will draw the blueprint for you, so now you wanna give a try? Request a custom quote now.

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