Personal Care

3plastics widely served in the market of plastic cosmetic packaging or beauty product packaging in various shapes and colors, such as spray plastic bottles, plastic squeeze bottles, makeup bottles,  cosmetic jars, more options skin care containers. Our professional engineering team can give more options for all the products you need to fill in, whether rounds, squares, ovals or any other unique shapes. Click "Shop" to view our manufactured plastic containers for personal care segment.

Pharmaceutical/ Nutritional Supplements

Registed with FDA and EU, 3plastics is the leading manufacturer of supplement and pharmaceutical plastic packaging in China, such as round vitamin bottle, square medical/pill bottles and pharmaceutical vials, etc. We offer food-grade plastic containers and packaging in many sizes and styles,  sizes range from 1 ounce to 20oz, and include styles ideal for tablets and capsules; powders and granules.  More over, white, amber, blue, black colored bottles are good choices for light sensitive pills or vitamins. Click here to request a quote for any of these bottles.


3Plastics offer a wide selection of sizes, shapes, colors and materials of plastic bottles and containers for food, such as plastic spice jars, honey bear bottles and oil bottles, etc. Most of them are made from the material PP orPET, and all of them are of food grade and complied with FDA. As for the kitchen storage containers, our varied styles of caps, like flap cap with pour and sifter shaker are excellent for bulk herbs and spice storage. The wide neck of plastic bottles or jars allows for simple mess free filling, and their snap-top caps are perfect for squeezing honey, syrup, or similar products.Click to find more plastic containers for food storage.


Need a unqiue package for your diary or beverage products? Specialized in plastic containers manufacturing for more than decades, 3Plastics is your best choice for package sourcing.  We can customize plastic jugs or bottles in various shapes or colors to meet customers' demand for packaging products from energy drinks and liquid supplements to liquors and mixers.Generally plastic jugs for diary are made with food-grade material HDPE,and most of beverage bottles are made with PET. Click here to request a custom quote.

Chemical/Lab Supply

3Plastics provides various chemical use bottles. Some are with scale lines for a more accurate dosage during the experiment. Some chemical bottles are of amber color. Amber plastic bottles provide style and flexibility with the clarity and strength of PET plastic. These bottles are food grade and provide a UV protection for light sensitive products. We provide a variety of closure options including regular ones (flip top caps, twist top caps, Yorker caps, and hinged caps), and some special ones, such as the round screw cap with a bent catheter. We can customize the chemical bottles according to customer’s different requirement. Please click here for more details.


We are using many different household type plastic bottles or other plastic items here and there during our daily life, such as dish washing bottles, hand washing bottles, toilet cleaning agent bottles, plastic candle holders, plastic spoons, plastic curtain tracks etc. The dishwashing bottles often come with flip top caps. Hand washing bottles often come with lotion pump caps. Toilet cleaning agent bottles often come with plastic trigger sprayers. 3Plastic are offering all the plastic household items. There are some stock items for customer’s selection. Besides, we can also customize the special shape bottles according to different requirement. Please click here for more details.

Consumable Fuels

3Plastics is offering several kinds of fuel additive bottles, e-cigarette liquid bottles. All the bottles are anti-corrosion, high and low temperature resistant. There is a special kind which sells best called the twin-neck bottle. With the twin-neck bottles you can discard the measuring cup and potential mess! Simply measure and pour using one container after squeezing the bottle to fill the twin-neck bottles chamber with just the right amount of liquid. It is handy for use with a variety of products such as fuel additives, lubricants and concentrated cleaners. Please click shop for more details.


3Plastics are providing agricultural bottles for packaging, storing and transporting applications. These plastic bottles are light in weight and temperature resistant, Anti-corrosion. And there arevarious capacities for choosing for different Agricultural liquid. These products are meticulously designed and manufactured so that these are in compliance with the industry's standards and norms. Apart from this, these products have passed many times drop tests to avoid the breaking up during using.The most importantly, the caps are all child-resistant kinds.

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Art Supply/Paint Ink

3Plastics carries a wide assortment of plastic squeeze bottles that may be ideal for packaging and dispensing tattoo inks. Our naturalLDPE and HDPE Boston rounds and cylinder tattoo ink bottles range in varioussizes from 15ml to 500ml and are available with screw caps, twist tops, Yorker caps and flip top caps. Try using the bottles with hinged top cap, the hinged top stays securely shut protecting ink from contaminants during tattoo sessions. Besides, some people use the small size plastic squeeze bottles as fine sand applicators for kids. They are convenient for kids to use. Please click shop for more details.

Church Supplies - Holy Water

3Plastics Holy water bottles are belonging to church supplies. They are perfectly sized for purse or pocket, great for transporting holy water or just use them for convenient storage. They come with screw off caps for easy filling and include convenient locking spouts to avoid accidental spills or leaks. They are usually stamped with a gold cross and the words "Holy Water." 3Plastics can customize different shapes and types of holy water bottles according to customer’s requirement such as holy water key chains and holy water crosses with strings and so on. Please click here for a custom quote.

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