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Many people outside China always think that China doesn't have the ability to produce good products, I have seen a question on Quora which goes “why doesn’t China have the ability to manufacture high-quality products”, this question has already been proved is worry by the answers that foreigners offered.                                                                            

Today I want to show you the evidence from small aspect-plastic containers manufacturer, you could take we 3Plastics company’s progress as the epitome of the great development of the whole China had made in the past over two decades.

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We 3Plastics started from an ordinary factory that produces plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic jugs etc, include the closures, but with the big picture of future, our founders Diping Wu and his wife Maya Yu established the company and manage it professionally. We gradually from a factory become to an industry and trade integration corporation, now we have a foreign business department, I believe there won’t any barriers between you and our senior salesman. 

Besides according to customers’ need, we could custom design and print your plastic containers, make your products differentiate from others and stand out on the shelves. Contact us now, provide us with your blueprint, sample or even an idea, we would make it real.

On the other hand:

Large selection of plastic containers - 3plastics

Quality-control is our priority task, first, we do recommend you take a sample first before official order. And we keep an eye on the manufacturer to make sure the materials and processes used to manufacture products in accordance with what it takes to manufacture a high-quality product.

Due to high quality and rigorous process control, we had cooperated with an amount of branded company, such as Nestle, Clinique, Ester lander, Disney and so on, we are also an ODM/OEM supplier. We have thousands of plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic jugs and closures in stock. Please feel free to contact us, looking forward to co-operating with you.

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