Getting a right sprayer or pump for plastic bottles

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Sprayer and pump

Before we go further, I just want to bring up something about plastic sprayers and pumps that we both already knew, we can easily tell the difference between sprayers and pumps from their appearance, which is why they two are being used in different applications.

Sprayer: Liquid                                               

  1. 1.Water mist                                                     
  2. 2.Scent the air                                                      
  3. 3.Food oil       
Pump: Cream 
  1. 1.Shampoo
  2. 2.Laundry detergent
  3. 3.More personal care products                                               


According to lists above, do you already have a basic sense that which one you should get for your plastic bottles or containers?

Besides, PET-448 is plastic oil bottle, being custom designed for oil. 

We 3Plastics puts a lot of efforts on this type of sprayer, to make sure it has enough pressure to spray oil, and it's reusable. 

Now, taking a close look at PET-448 plastic oil bottle.

Pet oil spray bottle in china - 3plastics

Did you notice the dip tube of plastic bottles

A dip tube is a hollow plastic tube, the job of dip tube is to draw products from the bottle to sprayer or pump.

The length of dip tube is an important dimension and determine the quality of final products. If you are curious ones, you probably noticed before that a thinner tube is for sprayers and a thicker dip tube is for pumps in most case.

The dip tube of plastic bottles - 3plastics

More choices offer to you

In general, our plastic sprayers and pumps could fit well with our plastic bottles, and we have a variety of styles, sizes and colored plastic sprayers and pumps in stock. 

If you have special requirements and parameters, please feel free to contact us, our engineer team will offer you the professional proposal.

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