The two excellent packagings for liquid foundation

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A creative new way to package your cosmetic foundation, our dropper liquid foundation bottles have good performance in the market, initially, these bottles aren't special for cosmetic foundation, but after the MAC places an order from us about the dropper bottles, and then launched their new packaged liquid foundation to the market, they inevitably attracted a lot of attention.

These liquid foundation bottles can be made of LDPE, PP or other materials, and the foundation could take advantage of the transparent bottle to show its own beautiful color, unlike glass bottle, you can squeeze the bottle to distribute the exact amount you want with inner plug, no matter for personal use for professional use. Not to mention we got these foundation bottles ranged from 7ml to 35ml and various decorating services to meet your needs.

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Fascinating Airless Foundation Pump Bottles Silver Matte

A "magic" cosmetic bottles to let you stop wasting every drop of your premium cosmetic products, our airless pump bottles have a fancy look, matte silver cap, shiny silver collar, and clear body that will show you how many products remain. Of course the biggest specialty about airless pump bottle is you can minimize contamination and spoilage, which is important for skin care products.
Except for cosmetic foundation, our airless pump bottle also great for storing creams, serums, gels and other intensive formula products, to meet your needs, we got airless pump bottles available in 15ml, 30ml, 45ml and 100ml, with the help of our professional decorating services, you sure will get your desired products packaging.

The more you need to know about our airless pump bottle: 100% BPA free, good leak-proof quality and shockproof, they are great for travel or at home, not only can we deliver them to you directly from the factory with wholesale price, also you have 15% off first order, save you up to $200, BUY NOW>>

These both are superior solutions for cosmetic foundation, we 3Plastics as an expertise packaging manufacturer and comprehensive solutions partner, we will always provide you with high-quality products, premium services, and custom design solutions, to help you to build your own brand and stand ahead of the crowd. You can click here to see our various creative packaging solutions for cosmetic products.

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