Our Workshop

Committed to Excellence

Our skilled workshop team holds themselves to the highest standards, not because we say so, but because we care. Challenging ourselves each and every day, we strive to make the pieces with perfect quality.Each and every item that leaves our workshop goes through a rigorous system of quality-control checks to ensure they exceed our high standards of perfection.

A Cut Above

We use only the finest, most high-quality materials available, working closely with responsible vendors bringing you what we feel is the best product available. We understand that you are looking for someone that is knowledgeable within your industry to achieve best packaging solution.Trust our delivered products to withstand the test of time and to surpass your highest expectations.

Experience the Difference

Would you like a plastic container exactly the way you wanted it but not available on the market? We believe your products should have something different for packaging to standard out or for better customer experience. Therefore, our "creativity" is really a relative term,and we love to challenge. Our team will work with you from inception throughout the lifetime of your project. We don't make bottles for masses, we make the unique bottles for you only.

Take A Tourist

See how the plastic bottles are made and take a journey in our workshop.

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