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About Us

3Plastics (Zhejiang Sanle Plastic Co., Ltd) has a history of more than twenty years as a plastic product manufacturer with rich experience of management. Most of the employee join in our team in the early years of our company.

We have two manufacturing factories with the total area of more than 40,000 square meters and there is a complete testing laboratory in our factory. We are professional in the manufacturing of complicated products with high precision, including plastic bottles,caps,boxes,jars and other plastic products, involving in the industry of food,medicine ,cosmetics,electronic cigarette oil,medical marijuana,etc. The recyclable material is used in all of our products,including the material of PET,PCR,HDPE,LDPE,PETG,PP,PS,PLA,ABS,PMMA,PC and so on.

We also supply the customizing service of product function , style , and color through the effect of decoration, label and printing depending on our creative R&D ability and good quality. We carry out the market research and test with our customer together to satisfy the demand of product users. Additionally, our company won the high recognition from many famous international brands, such as Clinique, Estee Lauder, British Imperial Tobacco, American Chubby Gorilla Company, Australian DECOR and Zhangguang 101.

As a enterprise with strong capability and high reputation, we are committed to supplying excellent plastic products and service to create a bright future with our customer together.

Our Story

3Plastics (Zhejiang Sanle Plastic Co., Ltd) is a top-flight OEM/ODM supplier of customized plastic containers for world-leading multinationals. We make customized items for various industries, and we don’t have customers, only clients - list that includes Nestle, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Disney, Shisedo, Abbot Laboratories, and Quiznos, among many others. Why? Because 3Plastics boasts advanced design, development, and manufacturing to match any industry peer worldwide. We deliver packaging solutions and results, doing so with fast, exceptional service that never fails to be polite, friendly and sincere. 3Plastics exclusively uses recycled plastics for all our products, either PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP or PS. Items generally fall into one of three broad categories, the first of which is containers including bottles, jars, boxes, jugs and vials. Secondly is closures, which may be dispensing or non-dispensing, sprayers, droppers or pumps. Lastly is accessories, a group spanning such diverse items as faucets, bottle openers, measuring cups and funnels among others. 3Plastics manufacturing capacity is millions of pieces per month of any item you may require, whether a child-resistant lid, a fine-mist sprayer, a lotion pump or any other item pre-existing or new.

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3Plastics began nearly a quarter century ago through the commitment of two people to each other, husband and wife Diping Wu and MayaYu. The company has consequently grown step by step over the past 18 years through similarly deep commitments - one by one - to both clients and staff.This solid foundation, built daily through an unwavering ethos, is the basis for our rapid growth since it consistently wins us greater trust and more business.

Precisely because of the deep commitments we make toclients and to building a business future with them, they are selected by us just as carefully as they choose their suppliers. That said, we’re looking to add to our fine roster and would therefore like a chance to speak directly with you. You’ll be glad you did.

3Plastics - the sincere plastic people.

Our Mission

3Plastics - the sincere plastic people.

With excellent in-house design, R&D, and testing 3Plastics can customize your product for function, style, or coloration including decoration, labeling and printing. Along with clients and independently, we conduct extensive market research and testing to ensure each item is what the end-user actually wants and needs. Not that it takes long or requires a big commitment from you though, as we offer fast lead times and free samples.

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