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How to make my product set apart from the competition? You need to brand your product packaging now.

3Plastics offering plastic bottles manufacturing and decorating service under one roof.  We specialized in custom bottle printing & labeling on the plastic bottles of various shapes and sizes in superior quality for more than 20 years, whether from single color printing to full-color labeling, or regular round bottle to containers in the special shape. Our value-added plastic bottle printing and decoration service allow customers save lots of time and money on the plastic packages sourcing, and most importantly helps customers make their brand and products stand out from other competitors on the market.


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 Example of labeling Bottles-3plastics.png

Labeling Bottles

Two different bottle labeling ways, they are pressure-sensitive labeling and shrink sleeve labeling. Pressure-sensitive labels could be adhered directly to the surface of the plastic containers, full-color application is the best advantage of pressure-sensitive labeling. While shrink sleeve labels made with PVC or  PET film, and they would need to be heated after adhered to the plastic bottles.

Screen Printing 

Screen printing is a most popular decorating option at a low-cost.  Multi-colors available for screen printing bottles, but one or two colors printing is most idealized. Each color needs a specific photo-sensitive screen made first,  where the ink could be pressed through them with a squeegee on to the surface directly on the plastic bottles or jars. Screen printing could be applied on these plastic bottles made with materials PP, PET, PETG, HDPE, LDPE, and so on.

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 Example of screen printing bottles- 3plastics.png
 Examples of gold hot stamping on bottles-3plastics.png

Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping is a metallic printing, which can make logo highlights and shiny. Only single color could be applied for hot stamping, gold or silver color most commonly used. Gold or silver foil has been pressed on to containers under pressure and heat. Gold hot stamping would be perfect on the cosmetic packaging or holy water bottles.

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Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing is also the thermal transfer printing, full color could be applied with custom heat transfer printing service. As images printed reversely first and then been transferred and adhered on to a substrate layer on the plastic containers through the use of heat. The surface finishing looks like a label but could not be peeled off easily.

 Example of custom heat transfer printing on bottles-3plastics.png
 Example of quality offset printing bottles-3plastics.png

Offset Printing

Quality offset printing is more precise than screen printing. Multi-colors could be applied for offset printing as well, but unlike the screen printing, the inks for each color being transferred from a blanket to rotating wheel, so multi colors could be printed in a single pass at the same time.  Offset printing generally applied on round plastic containers, bottles, jars, or tubes.

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 We can make full process of customize service.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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