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Plastic bottle company custom bottle packaging design service make your concept possible

Value-added decorating service available for your branding

Custom plastic bottle manufacturing Services

Have an idea in your mind? Feel free to let us know, we can help you to create your own fancy plastic bottle packaging to make your product standout. As botte manufacturer, Our professionals are here to guide you the whole process and give you suggestions on plastic bottle packaging weight, neck finish, material, custom pet bottle and other aspects if necessary. Learn more

3D Sample Prototyping

If you need a custom bottle packaging or container requires high appearance and performance from botte manufacturers, we suggest you to take a 3D bottle prototype to check first. A prototype model designed by an engineer from the plastic bottle company, and use resin materials to print out the 3D samples of molded plastic bottle packaging products to confirm the appearance and general effect 3D models.

Custom Molding

As one of top custom plastic bottle manufacturers in China, our well-designed blow mold or injection mold can meet the engineering requirement on the bottle manufacturing, that ensure a final plastic bottle packaging product that meets clients' requirement for custom bottle packaging appearance, performance, cost and availability. Learn more

Your custom bottle packaging need a unique label to speak for your product. Letting us design, print and apply a custom printing or label to announce and complement your new addition to the marketplace. We have professional label designers on staff who can make you a label as unique as the new plastic bottle packaging product itself. Learn more

3Plastics is one of the leading manufacturer of custom plastic bottle packaging and other containers such as custom plastic jars, custom plastic box. We are capable to make plastic packaging including custom pet bottle, plastic bottles, jars, boxes, jugs, vials, custom plastic box and custom plastic closures and accessories with material like HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET, PS, PCR.


As one of top custom plastic bottle manufacturers in China, we experienced in plastic bottle packaging custom plastic bottles, custom pet bottle, custom plastic box and containers design and manufacturing for more than 20 years. Along with in-house engineering, design team and sample make capabilities, you can rely on us the whole process, from the concept right through to the realization, until finally launch your product.  The plastic bottle company's creativity and flexibility in design and manufacturing plastic package benefit customers a lot.

Get creative with your bottle packaging. 3plastics has the ability to handle your packaging challenge, no matter the shape. Reach us at now!

Custom Plastic Bottle Packaging Examples

custom shampoo bottle-3plastics

8oz Lotion Dispenser Custom Plastic Bottles with Pump Top

  • Item ID: YFA-248

  • Material: HDPE

  • Neck Finish: 28-410

  • Size: L2.84*W1.54*H6.0 inches

  • Decoration: Screen printing

  • Usage / Application: The refillable plastic HDPE bottle is great for liquids, Aromatherapy, shampoo, cream, lotions, soaps and many other uses.

  • Special Features:Oblong-shaped plastic bottle and functional soap pump dispenser. Custom bottle packaging made from high-quality plastic material HDPE, food grade and non-BPA. Lots of color options from PANTONE.


300ml Custom Logo hdpe Rectangular Monday Shampoo Bottle

  • Item ID: YFA-215

  • Material: HDPE

  • Neck Finish: 28-410

  • Cap Selection: Lotion pump, Disc cap, Filp Cap ect..

  • Decoration:  Engrave logo by custom mold

  • Usage / Application: The refillable plastic HDPE bottle is great for lotion, shampoo, cream, shower gel, soaps and many other uses.

  • Special Features: Oblong-shaped plastic bottle . Custom bottle packaging made from high-quality plastic material HDPE, food grade and non-BPA. Lots of color options from PANTONE.

monday shampoo bottles.jpg
custom shampoo bottle.jpg

200ml custom lotion packaging pe square bottle with flip cap

  • Item ID: YFA-296

  • Material: HDPE

  • Neck Finish: 20-410

  • Cap Selection: Screw Disc cap, Filp Cap ect..

  • Decoration: Silk Printing, labeling

  • Usage / Application: Great for lotion, body cream.

  • Special Features: Flat Side Mouth plastic bottle . Custom bottle packaging made from high-quality plastic material HDPE, food grade and non-BPA material from plastic bottle company and bottle manufactures. Lots of color options from PANTONE.

Luxury cosmetic jar with gold lid for nail polish powders, cream

  • Item ID: GFA-566/567/568/564

  • Material: PS

  • Decoration: Screen printing, Labeling, color match

  • Usage / Application: The refillable cosemtic jars is great for cosmetic packaging, nail polish powder jars, storage jars and many other uses.

  • Special Features: Electriplated lid, luxury, clear or matte effect available

custom cosmetic jars
small storage boxes.jpg

Custom Small Portable Plastic Storage Boxes/Cases Custom Plastic Box

  • Item ID: YHF-926
    Material: PP
    Size: 4.3*2.8*1.1inches
    Decorating: custom plastic box screen printing or other options.
    Usage / Application: Portable plastic small cases are great for storage pill, jewelry or other small things.
    Special Features: Special designed in the inner side, 3 separated compartments c
    ustom plastic box.Made from high-quality plastic material PP, all color options from PANTONE could be applicated. 

Plastic Salt Bottle Customed with Spice Cap

  • Item ID: YFA-285
    Material: HDPE
    Size: D83.35in*H7.87in
    Decorating: Screen printing or other options.
    Usage / Application: Plastic salt bottles are great for storage of salt and other condiments.
    Special Features: Special-shaped and custom designed bottle caps from botte manufacturers. Made from high-quality plastic material HDPE, food grade and non-BPA. All color options from PANTONE could be applicated.

salt shaker bottle
Cosmetic Bottles

Custom PET Bottle and Skinscare containers, 300ml pet bottle manufacturer

  • Custom pet bottle and jars are popular for shampoo bottles, skin care containers. As professional 500ml 300ml PET bottle manufacturer, we help customer to make custom bottle packaging for their skin care brand. The green or amber color is suitable for light sensitive products.
    Decorating: Screen printing or other options.
    Usage / Application: shampoo, lotion, hair care, skin care, shower gels and more.

  • Made from high-quality plastic material PET, food grade and non-BPA. All color options from PANTONE could be applicated.

Personalized Holy Water Botttles​

  • Creating custom-shaped holy water bottles can make them stand out and add a unique touch to religious ceremonies. As a plastic bottle manufacturer, we take pride in our ability to design and produce special-shaped holy water bottles. With our private mold design, material and design options, and bulk ordering capabilities, we are confident that we can help your church meet the needs of its members and visitors.

holy water bottles (2).jpg

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We make customized plastic bottle packaging items for various industries, including companies like Nestle, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Disney, Shisedo, Abbot Laboratories, and Quiznos, among many others. Many have banked with us for over 20 years.We place customers at the heart of everything botte manufacturer do. Customer satisfaction is a key driver for our business; we believe that delivering what our customers want is the best way to grow our company. Customers talk to each other and businesses grow more when satisfied customers trust you enough to create an on going partnership.
As one of top custom plastic bottle manufacturers in China, we aim to build these partnerships through the way we deal with customers and by living our values every day. With a philosophy built around focus and simplicity, the plastic bottle company have established a clear strategy that puts customers at the centre of all our activities.

Product bottle design already made? Simply send us your CAD model, engineer drawing or even a sample to botte manufacturers. If you only have an idea? Tell us what's in your mind, we will work with you from the ground up. And some must elements would be required, such as custom plastic bottles shape, quantity, color, capacity, clarity, branding decorating , what kind of closures, etc. Moreover, what are the functional requirements (is there a weight limit,what wall thickness is alloweded, does it need to  be resistant to any corrosive chemicals...) The botte manufacturers experts will consult with you for some apparent issues and iron all the issues out. For more details, please read our custom package process.

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What We Need for a Custom Plastic Bottle Packaging

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