Our Story

The founders of 3Plastics - Maya Yu(left),Diping Wu(right) and the founder of Alibaba Group - Jack Ma(Middle)

3Plastics was established on firm principles pre-existing in founders Diping Wu and Maya Yu. At first it was those two alone doing all work them selves, but soon after working as the hands-on bosses they still are today despite having grown a large company. Order by order, challenge by challenge, and client by client we now stand among the finest all-around plastic product manufacturing firms worldwide.

Attention to detail, however, is but one of many compelling reasons for that success. Attention to the true needs and desires of both clients and actual end-users is another. Through comprehensive market research, close work with staff at client corporations and thorough testing, we at 3Plastics simultaneously apply unwavering focus and the ability to stand back from our projects for objective reflection.

Staying true to one’s passions, personality and integrity is key in both Diping’s story and the company’s. It has led him on a winding yet now clear path dedicated to comprehensive plastic product development. With the entire team at 3Plastics he strives toward an increasingly environmentally-friendly future, including increased use of plant-based raw materials. That focus and sincerity of purpose not only gets results but builds trust - among buyers, staff, suppliers, and all stakeholders. That fact that we have all-around “buy-in” is, moreover, the key reason for our on-going and ever-increasing success.

A prominent Japanese client came to 3Plastics seeking a better design and consistency for specialized consumer bottles with a spray cap for oils. Their firm was purchasing such items from companies in Italy and Canada who were achieving a manufacturing pass rate of 76% or less to properly meet the end-user’ requirements. Needing only 50 days, dedicated 3Plastics R&D and engineering staff were able to improve the product and production processes such that final quality was vastly improved. Soon after, to the amazement of our new buyer, our batch pass rate exceeded 95%.

To really give our partners and their customers what they need, though, requires true lasting commitment, and for each and every 3Plastics staff member a promise made is a promise kept. We take to heart the expression “actions speak louder than words” and for us that applies across the board whether a deadline, a price, or a standard of quality or service. Here at 3Plastics we in fact have a slogan that may sound funny at first yet is absolutely true, referring to ourselves as “The Sincere Plastic People.”

In less than 25 years, 3Plastics has grown from nothing to $75 million in annual sales to some of the world’s most trusted consumer brands - Nestle, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Disney, Shisedo, Abbot Laboratories, and Quiznos among them. We’ve worked hard to get here and stand proud of our achievements, yet also realize that business (like life perhaps) is a matter of “what have you done for me lately” more than what we have previously done. We’re ever mindful that a reputation can diminish far faster than it can be built and already mindful of what you, our next valued client,think of us. Welcome.

3Plastics - “injecting life into your business.”

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