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Eco Friendly Packaging PCR Bottles

There may be a greater social responsibility for plastic recycling in the packaging industry. There are also more and more packaging companies joining in the plastic recycling and starting a program to use PCR plastic bottles and jars. 

The use of PCR plastic bottles will add a sense of responsibility for the brand to protect the environment, which will also become a highlight of the brand promotion, coupled with increased consumer awareness of environmental protection, many consumers are also happy to pay for PCR packaging products. The use of PCR materials in the packaging industry requires the development of more appropriate material paths based on specific products such as PCR cosmetic packaging, PCR food packagings and more.

3Plastics is a professional PCR bottle, PCR cosmetic bottles, pcr pet bottles, pcr HDPE bottles, PCR  jars (Post Consumer Resin) Manufacturer, and your sustainable eco-packaging solution partner. The recycled bottles and jars can be made of our rPET, PCR HDPE or LDPE, rPP in different shapes,color and size. 

recycled PCR bottles.jpg

PCR HDPE Bottles

3Plastic can manufacture HDPE/LDPE Plastic PCR Bottles and PCR cosmetic bottles in a wide range of sizes and shapes such as cylinder round, Boston round, cosmo round.
PCR HDPE bottles Closures selection includes mist sprayers, disc caps, lotion pumps, flip caps, screw caps, twist caps, and more.
We can make 30%,50% 100%, recycled HDPE pcr bottles and high pcr content cosmetic bottles to meet your requirements. Custom service for PCR HDPE bottles such as color match, printing, and labeling is available.
Contact us now to get your PCR plastic bottle created.

rPET PCR PET Bottles and Jars

rPET is otherwise known as PCR PET bottles.

3Plastic can make up to 100% recycled PET high pcr content cosmetic bottles & Jars in different shapes, sizes, and colors, Wide selection of closures are also available for the pcr pet bottles. 

Brand decoration such as printing, labeling, and color matching to make your pcr cosmetic bottles stand out from the market.

*Please notice that the original color of the 100% recycled PET material is a little dark/yellow, so if you need clear or light color PCR PET bottles, we recommend using 50% rPET.

rpet tubes.jpg

rPP Cream Jars, PCR Jars

50% or 100% PCR material can be added to the can to reduce environmental pollution. PCR containers are usually used for eco-conscious beauty and personal care products. 3Plastics manufactures rPP cream jars reliable PCR cream jars, popular PP airless jars in stylish shapes, and wide sizes for your PCR cosmetic packaging. All the jars can be customized with different colors and patterns.

What is PCR Bottle

PCR, which is Post-Consumer Recycled material, that is, consumer plastic recycling, such as PET, PE, PP, HDPE and other recycled materials, and then reprocessed for the manufacture of new packaging materials of plastic raw materials. PCR is the recycling of waste plastics from consumer products such as lunch boxes, shampoo bottles, mineral water bottles, washing machine drums, etc.

The advantages of using PCR bottles Packaging

1. PCR plastic is one of the important directions to reduce plastic pollution and help "carbon neutral".

  Since the invention of plastic, plastic products have brought great convenience to human living standards, and it is difficult for human beings to leave plastic products. However, the waste problem brought by plastic products has become one of the development dilemmas of human beings. About 30 million tons of plastic waste are produced annually, of which 14.1 million tons are plastic packaging waste, and only a small portion of plastic waste is properly treated. Source: "Single-use plastics a roadmap for sustainability"), which shows that plastic recycling is still at a relatively low level.

Then PCR plastics are mixed with virgin plastics and reused to make plastic products. This approach not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also reduces energy consumption and helps protect the environment.

2. Use of PCR plastics further promotes waste plastic recycling

  The more people use PCR plastics, the greater the demand will be, which will further enhance the recycling of waste plastics and will gradually change the model and business operation of waste plastics recycling, meaning less waste plastics going to landfill, incineration and existing in the natural environment.


Products Show of PCR bottles and jars 

We had customized high pcr content cosmetic bottles, pcr HDPE bottles, pcr PET bottles, cosmo round PCR bottles, PCR shampoo bottles, PCR cream pp jars, PCR spray bottles, and more for our customer's eco friendly packaging project.  Contact us to get your PCR Cosmetic Bottles or other PCR packaging containers created now.

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