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Plastic Injection Products

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Product design and custom Plastic Funnel, Ice Cream Bowl mold customization

Custom Plastic product is the process of custom plastic produts manufacturers to customize and process unique products for customers. The reason why it is called unique products is that different industries have different customer needs, and each customer may have a unique product idea, so it is necessary to cooperate with custom plastic manufacturers to redesign the structure and engineering drawings of the plastic boxes that need to be customized. If the customer does not have a sample, our design department can provide customization services for plastic boxes. Custom Plastics includes product design and packaging design. As one of professional china plastic manufacturers, we have the own custom plastic box design department. 

Providing Sample customzie service

Mold trial samples

Batch production of the custom plastic  

The number of cavities is reasonably designed, it will not take many days for the high-speed production equipment to complete a delivery.

Printing and Labeling Service 

Custom Packaging Plastic manufacturers can provide printing services and the quotation depends on the type of the custom made plastic colors used and the number of plates made, etc.

Packaging and logistics service for custom made plastic promotional Products

Custom Packaging Plastic manufacturers can generally follow the customer's needs, such as the specific size of the customer's warehouse, how the environment is, whether the customer needs special packaging protection, etc. Customer can completely discuss with us.

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