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F Style Jugs: 5 Tips You Need To Know Before Purchase

About us

Hi there. We 3Plastics has specialized in plastic packaging for almost 20 years, we've grown our expertise from an industrial packaging supplier to a comprehensive solutions partner, anddelivered our high-quality products and premium service to 70+ countries.

1. Why Can We Provide You With The Real Wholesale Price?

You may be wondering: I already saw so many companies on Google claim they have the best low prices of F style jugs, what're the differences between you and them. Well. first, we 3plastics has been dedicated to plastic package industry over 20 years, we have our own factory, production line based in China. And since many years ago, we aimed to serve global clients, so we established the foreign business department, and our team will make the co-operation more efficiency with no obstacle, which also means there is no commission between you and us, just face to face. Now: To learn more about F style jugs, as low as $0.31 each.

2. Whether Your Products Could Meet Our Standards? Typically question: But Yes. We have the whole mature quality control process, according to different needs, we carry out different standards. We do recommend you to take an F style jug sample before we massive product, we will keep our eyes on in the middle of production, and random select finished products to test, to ensure everything is going smoothly. We promise if it's our responsibilities cause the quality doesn't meet the standards, you have the money-back guarantee on the basis of the contract.

3. What Can I Do With F-style Jugs? ...To store something, that is accurate. This F style jug is made from HDPE, this type of plastic is very chemical resistant, which makes it an excellent option for packaging of many of products. Either you want to expand your market share, or you want to start up business, this plastic jug could be a good choice.

4. Multiple Payments To Choose. For your convenience, we have more flexible ways of payment to offer, you could use PayPal (less than or equal to $2000), wire transfer, if you want to use other different payment methods, please contact our sales team at

5. Trustful Transportation For You And It's All Up To You. No matter what mode of transportation you choose, we will make sure those F style jugs would remain intact to your hands! Now you have 15% on the first order, save you up to $200, shop here>>

Design Makes Special

If you have your own creative ideas for your plastic container, don't be too shy to tell us, with our professional custom plastic packaging experiences, we have been helping people worldwide to create their products and build the brand, 3Plastics is where ideas are turned into reality. Request a custom quote now.

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