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Custom Plastic Jars

big cosmetic cream jar

Plastic jars are widely applied in cosmetic and health care industries, like beauty, nail salon, hairdressing kitchen, medical, etc. As we know, a good jars container is able to make your brand stand out on the shelf, and make your products performs well with the end users.

Sanle plastics is a professional custom Plastic Jars manufacturers with over 25 years of experience in this business, we know how to create the plastic packaging you’ll need . we have our own R&D and design teams. Integrate design, mold opening and production and export door to door.

With this belief in mind, we have developed all kinds of cosmetic jars, such as PP jars, PS jars, Acrylic jars, PET jars etc. And as one of the custom cosmetic jar manufacturer,we can not only customize printing according to our customer's artwork, but also customize printing design according to customers' product concept. Silk-Screen printing, hot stamping, spray coating, frosting, shrink sleeve labeling and pressure-sensitive labeling are all services we that proudly offer to our customers. we expect when our jars comes to making our customer's artwork stand out on shelves.

Types of Plastic Jars

pink cosmetic jar

Currently we have thousands of jars with different materials, crafts and styles, capacity, with various materials like PS, PP, PET,PETG, AS, Acrylic, PE, ABS and so on.

Many countries have implemented restrictions on plastics, advocating the recycling of plastics and Biodegradable materials. To protect our environment, respond to limit of plastic, we have now developed ECO jars, like PCR material and Biodegradable materials. Plastic jars can be implemented in two ways: injection and blowing. You can check more our plastic jars below.

The airless jar does not have a dip tube, but rather a diaphragm that rises to dispense the product. When the user depresses the pump, it creates a vacuum effect, drawing the product upwards. Consumers can use nearly all of the product without any waste left and they won’t have to worry about the fuss that usually comes with the standard pump and cosmetic packaging.

In addition to protecting your formula and increasing its shelf life, airless jar also provide a branding benefit. It is a high-end packaging solution that comes with various designs to meet your aesthetic positioning. The double wall provides extra protection and also creates a luxury look, the clear plastic wall bottles showing product’s color are perfect for premium foundation cream.

Mini PS jars for Samples

For cosmetic packaging industry, a small capacity jar as 3ml-15ml usually as a product sample for promoting.

mini plastic sample pots

One of our jars is PS series jars with UV coating lid, there have different capacities 1oz /2oz /4oz /16oz , this series jars are very popular in nail salon, The clear and transparent PS jar filled with nail powder, which is very beautiful and luxury , It makes people want to consume . We export several million pieces of this series every year. Many well-known manufacturers of nail products purchase this series jars from us.

And then jars used in the beauty industry are also very popular, A lot of the jars in this industry are made of PP materials, Because beauty products have higher requirements for product compatibility and PP material have good chemical stability, and also PP material is cost-effective. Jars can be used for creams 、Facial mask and other products in the beauty industry

We supplying many kinds of 5ml small jars for famous cosmetic brands under Estee Lauder all year round, They are mainly used for cosmetic samples and sub-package. It's very convenient.

Also have many PS jar as GFA-564,GFA-531,GFA-532,GFA-540, the jar can be done very clear as glass. Of course, the defect of PS material is easy to scratch and fragile. AS&PMMA material is same also.

In recent years, it has also been used more for nail powder.

All of the raw materials which we used is 100% brand new, recyclable, environmental friendly and perfect available for all packaging industry.

Big Cosmetic Jars and Multivariant style jar

big cosmetic cream jars

The high capacity jar as 250-500ml usually used in the cosmetic packaging industry, such as hair film jars. It is usually in PP material as GFA-524, big dome round pp cream jars.

Multivariant style jar

How to custom plastic jars

As a professional plastic jars manufacturer, Sanle accept product customization, with our existing model or design new model. For the jars we have many ways to make them to meet your needs.

Like we can custom colors , make the jars color match your product's theme and style.

Matte always give us a luxury feeling, the same goes for jars. We also can do matte effect on the jars, make the product looks more upscale.

And also we make silk printing or hot printing on both the jar and the lid . This can make you product looks more professional.

There is a more convenient way to make the product more professional, that is labelling. This is very convenient and cost effective for logo design with many colors and complicated design.

①This custom cosmetic jars available capacity and color: 15g 30g 50g 80g and gold, rose gold, sliver. If these colors are not enough for you, we can customize the colors you like. Any colors in the pantone system could be required. And we can make it as your sample or the pantone number you provided.

② You can use this for filling creams, serums, foundations, and other preservative-free formula creams, the shinnycolor not only catch your's eye but also increase the sense of the product.And our labeling and printing decorating services would make your products more appealing in the market.

plastic jar with coloful gold lid

Color customization

Any color which you want we can do for you, including the normal color in Pantone card, Special effect color such as jar in sandblasting which has a scrub effect in the surface, cap in plating.

Chrome Plating / Electric Plating

It is commonly used for plating on lids at present, such as GFA-564, the effect is very bright, very beautiful, the jars is easier to go upmarket. We are trying to do a variety of different colors of Chrome Plating / Electric Plating according to the customer's customization.

Printing & Labeling Customization

Silk Screen Printing: Our company’s printing departments have proven technique for printing round jar, flat caps and offer multi-pass printing of several color to very tight tolerances, using both conventional and UV printing technology. Silkscreen offers bright, firm color for striking.

Customers can provide the print artwork directly or general reference pictures,we have a special design department can adjust the print artwork for process.

Gold Stamping: Characterized by clear design, beautiful, bright colors, wear resistance, weather resistance. The normal color is hot gold and hot sliver, other have hot red. The requirement is that the surface must be flat.


Usually we used are coated paper and synthetic paper,it will be labeling to the bottle by machine or by hand ,depend on the bottle shape or label size. Label artwork offer by customers also, we can adjust for process.

The surface of jars or lids must be flat which want be labeled.

Safe Packing

Unbreakable material such as PP, for example of GFA-524

If the jar and lid have printing or labeling , it will be packed in one poly bag for protecting. All the products will be put into the box one by one, to reduce collisions and friction in transit.

Breakable material as PS, for example of GFA-551&GFA-564

Such as GFA-551, 15ml small capacity jar, the jar and lid are separated in different carton. Each part be packed in one polybage, bulk in cartons. Finally, use plastic plate to pack all cartons for protecting.

Such as GFA-564, jar and lid are assemble together, and packed in one bubble pack and sealed. All jars will be put into the box one by one. We will adjust the way of packing according to the needs of customers and the characteristics of products to ensure that the products received by customers are in good condition.

Quality Control

As professional custom plastic jars manufacturer in China, we have a special department of quality inspection, regular or irregular sampling inspection of product quality. Strict quality control procedures are carried out at all stages of production, Sanle gained the trust of customers base on strict quality management system.

New environmental protection material

As a support enterprise for environmental action, Sanle have successfully developed production using environmentally friendly or biodegradable materials as PLA, PCR materials, And trying to develop more new environmental protection materials application in production.

About us

Zhejiang Sanle Plastic Co., Ltd. Is a manufacturing company,specializing in all kinds of plastic packaging solution products with the strength of plastic bottle and jar.We have started our business since 2003.

At the moment, we have already owned advanced mould design,manufacture,injection,automatic assemble, quality inspection equipment and technology. Meanwhile we have built an experienced,professional,honest and responsible quality inspection quality inspection team to guarantee offering our clients qualified product and reliable service. Besides, we also have a development team of ten excellent designers who will develop new products according to market.

Since the start of our factory,its size is expanding continually.Its management mode is modernized.By our hard work,we’ve pass the ISO9001 accreditation and won reputation around the world.We sincerely wish to cooperate with friends from different parts of the world with mutual benefit and joint together to create a bright future.

Sanle as an excellent local enterprise with government support, has been developing through constant innovation. We can accept any customization of plastic jars, new designs and sizes. We have a professional design team to serve customers.

As an expertise plastic jar manufacturer and comprehensive solutions partner, we will always provide with high-quality products, premium services, and custom design solutions, to help you to build your own brand and stand ahead of the crowd.

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