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Oblong Plastic Bottles, Bring You Colored Life!

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Oblong plastic bottles are our hot deal plastic containers. The YFA - 248 (right) is one of our

oblong plastic bottles, it has 28/410 neck finish, the number 28 refers to the diameter, the number 410 refers to the closures depth, styles and thread.

This colored HDPE oblong bottles could make terrific packaging in many ways, such as bath and body care products, cosmetic products, household cleaners and much more.

Click here to see YFA-248

Colored oblong plastic bottles, colored life.

All kinds of HDPE plastic bottles on sale - 3plastics

Having a new cognitive about life around you:

As I referred above, our oblong plastic bottles are made of HDPE material, if you want to know whether the oblong plastic bottles in your daily life are made of HDPE, you just need to take a look at the bottom of bottles, if you can see the number "2" on it, then you got yourself a HDPE bottle.

HDPE plastic bottles have the features of good impact resistance, good resistance to chemicals, high tensile strength and highly rigid.

That's why we can take the advantage of its good performance in a wide variety of types of containers, check out the left chart.

Now, you may want to browse through our HDPE material containers catalog, they all at a low price, compare them yourself.

Custom designs are ready for you

Not only does 3plastics have our own factory and professional business team, but also realized how important innovative and design abilities for us a couple years ago, so with years of efforts, we now organized our designed team and had a clear series of processes ready for you.

  1. Tell us what you need, a sample, a blueprint, or an idea.

  2. Our engineers will work on drawing and 3D renderings.

  3. Building a unique shaped custom mold, according to your requirements.

  4. The prototype is made, send to you, and feed back to us about your suggestions.

  5. The final product affirmed, start mass production.

  6. Labeling and printing services are available.

  7. making your products stand out on the market.

Maybe I showed you the process is kind of easy, but we all know it's a very complicated process and need our close communication, you can request a custom quote to let us know details, or tell us what you think about YFA-248 oblong plastic bottles.

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