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Plastic Closures, Caps Manufacturer And Supplier

Cooperating with the manufacturer could save your money. Cooperating with the professional supplier could save your time. What if we 3plastics could do both? Yes, those are our advantages you really care about: There is no doubt we 3plastics is integrated industrial and trade enterprise based in China, plastics caps and closures are one of our hot deal products, because so many clients purchase various of plastic containers from us, and they trust us with plastic closures too.

What kind of plastic closures do you need?

As a company, we always want to offer you the best and more, you can find all kinds of plastic closures here. Such as dispensing caps, non-dispensing caps, sprayers, droppers and pumps, browse through our catalog, compare yourself.

Already got ideas in your mind?

We 3plastics is also top-flight OEM/ODM supplier of plastic containers, you can send us a sample of plastic closures, our engineers will work that out, and send you for inspection before mass production. Besides, in case you have some specific or custom requirements about plastic closures, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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