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Plastic Twin Neck Bottle, Twin Chamber Measuring Bottle

Part 1: Unique components of plastic twin neck bottle.

Speaking of twin neck bottle, I bet it already drew your many attentions to its appearance.

It also has some different names, such as Bettix bottle, twin chamber measuring bottle, squeeze and pour measuring bottle, and if you really google it, I'm sure you can see a slightly different style, but the purpose and function are basically the same.

The twin neck bottle usually has two same size neck, the small chamber is on the top, the material is made of HDPE, which gives this bottle high tensile strength and good resistance to chemicals. Now, click here to see more details.

Part 2: Learn how to use plastic twin neck bottle.

Instead of explaining to you one by one in writing, I'd rather illustrate the process to help you understand.

Plastic twin neck bottle

It's simple, right?

Part 3: Designed to fit your needs.

You may think YFA-231 HDPE twin neck bottle isn't what exactly what you need, that's ok, because custom design service is becoming more and more big share of our business. We endeavor to provide you with all-sided ability as a professional plastic packaging manufacturer.

Now, are you ready to request a custom design quote? or check out our whole process of the custom package.

Custom design plastic twin neck bottle

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