Fancy Cosmetic Bottles and Jars Wholesale

Luxury Gold Aluminum Cosmetic Jars 

3Plastics specializes in beauty cosmetic packaging solutions with brand decorating service, and dedicates to deliver cost-effective and innovative packaging products to our customers. We offering a variety of cosmetic containers such as cream jars, lotion bottles, either made of acrylic or aluminum. You could buy them in bulk at compelling wholesale prices, or ask us to custom cosmetic packaging for you. Check some of our featured products below.

The luxury cosmetic jars on the right are great for cream, lotions, toners, ointment and more. Unlike the other cosmetic jars, the inner white part made from porcelain glass, which elevate the look of the whatever you put in it. The shining aluminum cover gains the decorous feeling of the products. Gold and silver color for your options, and they could be resized to the one you want. Wholesale price low to $0.9. BUY NOW>>
Aluminum cosmetic containers - 3plastics
Silver aluminum airless lotion bottle - 3Plastics
Gold aluminum cosmetic jars - 3Plastics

Best-selling Airless Pump Aluminum Lotion Bottles

Our innovative and best-selling products - silver matte aluminum airless pump lotion bottles, which is great for essential oil blends, serums, liquid soaps, light lotions and other sensitive formulas. 100% BPA free, leak proof and shockproof. The airless vacuum pump designed to minimize contamination and spoilage of the cosmetics filled in and keep them fresh for long, as so to extend the shelf life of your products. They have matte silver cap, clear body and shiny silver collar. The transparent part made from material AS, which makes its weight light. The airless pump bottles are available in 15ml, 30ml, 45ml and 100ml. And regular lotion pump could be used instead. Wholesale price low to $0.95. BUY NOW>>

White Plastic Lotion Bottles Wholesale

High quality PET rigid plastic cosmetic bottles with pumps or disc tops, are great for lotions, creams, gels or liquid soap. 100% BPA free and leak proof. The bottles made from plastic material PET, so they are lightweight and durability, also recyclable. The aluminum cover designed on the pumps and disc tops make lotion bottles look more fashion. Brand decorating service available for them, such as screen printing, hot stamping, labeling, etc. The volume of them varied from 75ml to 200ml, wholesale price low to $0.56. BUY NOW>>
Plastic Lotion Bottles - 3plastics
pet cosmetic lotion bottle - 3plastics
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Colorful Tall Slim Plastic Airless Bottles 

These color plastic airless bottles are ideal used for lotions, creams, serums, and other cosmetic beauty and health care products. They are made from high density plastic material polypropylene, and the top dispensers are chrome-plated. And the bottles covered with transparent material AS or acrylic outside. 100% BPA free, leak proof and FDA complaint. They are tall and slim, makes your product looks more elegant and special. Brand decorating service available as well. Wholesale price low to $1.17. BUY NOW>>
Acrylic lotion bottles with pump - 3plastics
Round PP airless bottle - 3Plastics
Square PP airless pump bottle - 3Plastics

Square Acrylic Lotion Pump Bottles

Makes your products look good and feeling amazing! Our elegant frosted acrylic bottles with silver-colored pumps, are perfect for skin care, serums, foundations, essential oils and eye care products, etc. They are made from durable material acrylic, so they are ultra-clear and heavy-weight. Most importantly, the bottles are ideal for showing off the natural color of your products. The capacity of them is generally at 30ml or 35ml, wholesale price low to $1.52. BUY NOW>> 

Beautiful White Acrylic Cosmetic Jars

Give your product an upscale look! Fancy looking acrylic cosmetic jars are perfect for creams and other skin care products.Some of them are round and some of them are diamond-shaped. The matching tops are screw caps with PP liner. And they are made from acrylic, which makes product light and convenient to carry. The volume of these jars is generally at 15g or 30g, wholesale price low to $0.79. BUY NOW>>
Acrylic cosmetic jars - 3Plastics
Diamond-shaped acrylic jars for cosmetics - 3Plastics

more solutions for cosmetics

A wide selection of options for you, choosing the most suitable solution for your products. We are glad to help.

Plastic bottles with dropper for liquid foundation - 3plastics


This liquid foundation bottle could be very convenient for your customers to carry, and our decorating services will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Facial cream jars for wholesale - 3Plastics


A great option for packaging facial creams such as anti-aging creams, face moisturizer, eye creams and hair spray, etc. Time-limited wholesale price low from $0.3 each now.

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Mainstream plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles - 3Plastics


Find mainstream plastic bottles for bath and body products, sprays, liquid soap, and cosmetics, as well as various dispensing caps, pumps, sprays. 

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Committed to Excellence

We Are The Industry ExpertYou're Looking For

3Plastics has specialized in cosmetic packaging for almost 20 years, we've grown our expertise from an industrial packaging supplier to a comprehensive solutions partner, and delivered our high-quality products and premium service to 70+ countries.

We're pursuing creative advances in design, engineering, productions and logistics, on global scale. 3Plastics is where ideas and technology come together.

Dedicate To Innovative Cosmetic Packaging

We offer flexible cosmetic packaging solutions to help our customers to stand ahead of the crowd, not only our core cosmetic packaging include airless pump bottles, cosmetic acrylic jars, aluminum pump bottles, porcelain glass cream jars, etc, but also a wide range of materials for you to choose: Acrylic, aluminum, porcelain white glass, PET, PP, AS, ABS......

We fully understand the process of designing and manufacturing products, no matter the size, budget, packaging trend, we consider every aspect, and depending on our standard system from production to shipping, you can get the competitive price for desired cosmetic packaging. 

The Customers We Cooperated

With the consistent innovation and quality oriented, our business has reached worldwide and earned tremendous long-term partners, including companies like MAC, ESTEE LAUDER, CLINIQUE, SHISEIDO, AVON, LANCOME, CLARINS, among many others. We believe that delivering what our customers want is the best way to grow our company, we'd love to hear from you and set a deepen partnership with you soon.

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