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Protein Drink

Sports Nutrition Packaging

In recent years, the upgrading of national consumption has made sports nutrition a hot spot in the market. The active lifestyle concept represented by sports nutrition is attracting a huge new generation group with a broad market potential.
3Plastics had been in dedicated to design and manufacturing containers and closures for sports nutrition packaging for decades, such as custom packaging containers of collagen protein, healthy snacks, sports nutrition, functional drinks. Our main service includes product design, mold manufacturing, product testing, new product development, etc.

Protein Products

Types of nutrition supplement bottles and containers

3Plastics produce nuitrition supplyment bottles and jars in a variety of colors, sizes, such as wide mouth canister, gallon bottles/jars, oblongs,indented label canister, round, tear off lid cansiter in Food Grade BPA free HDPE, PET high quality material to meet sports nutrition packaging, powder, capsules, tablets packaging, organic food and other high-end product packaging and more.

supplemt jar

Wide mouth jar with tear-off lid

wide mouth jars

Wide mouth jars

wide mouth jars

Wide mouth jars

supplement bottle4

wide mouth jars

supplement bottle5

Supplement Bottles

supplement bottle1

PET Supplement bottle

engine shot bottles

engine shot bottles

protein powder canister

protein powder canister

protein powder jar

milk powder container

supplement bottles

supplement bottles


protein powder canister

spoons protein

Custom Spoons

Creative Surface Treatment

3Plastics supplies different surface treatment for your supplement jars and bottles, such as chromed plated, soft touches, iridescent.

Our  vaccuum coating technology, to get cool and colorful apperance, strong visual sense.
Nano spraying surface treatment to get shiny and semi-transparent effect, and rubber spraying process get a soft touches of the jars

Contact us to custom your own creative sports nutrition packaging now.

Printing&Labeling Brand Decoration

Custom Printing and Labelling Service to make your sports nuitritional brand standout.Create custom decoration that showcases your  brand, promotes a healthy environment and empowers lives. Learn more

Mold Design&Custom

There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource. 3Plastics provides world-class package and product design and graphic design services geared to increase sales and reduce total packaging costs for our customers. 

3Plastic has a full custom moulding service and professional design department, We have our own designer , mould engineer and mould department, can make the construction design and appearance according to your idea, and make your idea becomes true. Learn More

custom plastic bottle design - 3plastics.jpeg
Customized molding -3plastics.jpg

Custom Design Service

Turn Your Idea Into A Reality

Looking for custom Nutrition supplement bottles? Contact us now!

Your Trusted Nutrition Packaging  Manufacturer

The factory has dozens of injection molding machines, blow molding machines, electroplating production lines, dust-free assembly workshops, and fully automated production lines. And we have our own R&D team. We can provide a series of supporting services such as mold making, silk-screening, hot stamping and spraying according to customers' requirements.

Quality first
Our company always puts quality in the first place, and customer satisfaction is our motivation.

In order to develop with our customers for a long time, we always abide by the principle of honest trading and never make false claims.

Lean and improve
In the process of stable use of customer products, we continue to innovate and develop more matching and practical packaging.

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