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Engine oil or lubricants can provide protection for wheels, gears or hinges in your car or motorcycles,  3Plastics specialzed in manufacturing and develop a variety shape of LDPE, HDPE, PET plastic oil bottles in round, rectangular, double neck or f-style shape for oil squeeze bottles, automotive oil dispensers or lube, paint industrial packaging, such as automotive oil bottles, engine oil bottles, lubricant bottles,engine oil bottles,car oil bottle, what's they can also use as machine oil bottles, sewing machine oil bottles, Paint touch up pen for car scratch repair. Just tell us your ideas, we can customize the unique packaging for your products.

plastic jug

HDPE F-Style Plastic Bottles

Black F-style plastic jugs in small volume for engine oil bottles, motor oil bottle chemical storage

hdpe gold dispensing bottle.jpg

Suqare Hdpe Bottle with Twist Cap 

Square HDPE Plastic Bottles perfect for general use engine oils, lubricant, sewing machine oil bottle

Motor Oil Bottles.jpg

Motor Oil Bottles

Custom motor oil bottles, with black, gold, red color, can be used as plastic oil bottles,  gear oil bottle, fork oil bottle

red tip dropper bottles.JPG

Cosmo Red tip yorker cap PE bottle

HDPE bottles with red tip cap for general purpose lubricant  oil bottles, fork oil bottle, sewing machine oil bottle near me


Industrial Sovent Bottles

1 Gallon HDPE Plastic industrial round bottles Grab-N-Go Jug with screw cap,  lubricant oil bottles.


HDPE lube Bottle with Spout Cap

Spout dispensing cap suitable for liquid dose, solvent, lubricant plastic oil bottles, oil squeeze bottles

twist top squeeze bottles.jpg

Wax Lube oil bottles

HDPE cylinder round plastic oil squeeze bottle compatible with twist cap for engine oil bottles, motor oil bottles 


HDPE Flat Plastic Bottle

custom logo engaved HDPE Flat plastic bottle with lined tip cap for bicycle oil, gear oil bottle, oil spray bottle for bike


Double Neck Bottles

HDPE Plastic twin neck measure bettix bottles with tamper cap, for automotive oil dispensers, motor oil dispenser

squeeze bottles dropper tip (2).JPG

LDPE Dispensing Bottle with Scale

Red tip cap LDPE Dispensing bottles with scale marked, as automotive oil dispensers,motor oil dispensers


HDPE F-Style Gallon Bottles

Large 1 Gallon Bottles HDPE Plastic Bottles for engine oil bottles, lubricant oil bottle, motor oil bottles

machine oil bottle squeeze with lined cap.jpg

LDPE Machine Oil bottles

Use as engine oil bottles, sewing machine oil bottle emppty

engine oil bottles.jpg

Postal HDPE Lubricant oil Bottles

HDPE bottle frieldnly bottle for storage fuel additive. Post friendly bottle. This bottle can be putto your letterbox.

car repair pen

PET scratch paint touch up pen

Empty Make your own car paint touch up pen scratch repair paint pens, durable, and clear thick PET Material

double neck bottle 255 YFA12.jpg

Small Twin Neck Dose Bottles

150ml double-neck small dosing HDPE bottles for engine oil bottles, oil squeeze bottles, motor oil bottles


LDPE Plastic Dropper Bottles

Ldpe Plastic dropper bottles perfect for general use engine oils, lubricant oil squeeze bottles

Engine Oil Bottle

Engine Oil Bottles

Professional engine oil bottles shape with tamper-evident cap, made of HDPE material, motor oil bottles


Engine oil bottle with long needle tip

Glue ink motor oil bottles with squeezable ldpe material or sewing machine oil bottle empty

Looking for a custom machine oil bottle quote? Contact Us Now

Different Shapes of Machine oil bottles

The classic shape of engine oil bottles is  sheela model lubricant oil bottles, drop model gear oil bottle, Dhano Hydraulic Oil Bottles, or fork oil bottles.

The F-Style Jugs  can be used as big volume storage of the oils, lubricants.

The double neck shape is easy to use with a small dosing chamber, for storage lubricant oil, motor oil or other industrial chemicals.

Durable ldpe material squeeze bottles with drop tip caps,  long needle tip or twist cap, which is perfect for dosing liquid, easy to squeeze and refill, better control of product flow, which helps prevent unnecessary product waste. They are good oil squeeze bottles, sewing machine oil bottle.

Flat shape with custom logos engraved which make your own brand lube oil bottles, or chain oil bottles for the bicycle.

As a professional motor oil bottle or engine oil bottle manufacturer, we can custom different shapes for you.

Contact us to discuss more and get a quote or Email your detail requirements:

Your Professional Custom Machine Oil bottles Packaging Supplier

3Plastics specialize in the development and production of plastic containers for motor oil dispensers, automotive oil dispensers,automotive chemicals, lubricants, engine oil, paints. We have certain insight into the appearance design of plastic containers and always pay attention to the development trend of automotive packaging market. 3Plastics keep innovating on the basis of following the design rules, and bring the plastic bottles/jugs/buckets with avant-garde and practical designs to the market.
The comapany has a number of new advanced modern blow molding/injection molding machines, and a large number of high-precision testing equipment, such as blow molding bottle leak detector, plastic bottle mouth tester, etc., to ensure that each product is strictly inspected before leaving the factory.

3Plastics also focus on close communication with customers and are good at creating brand market value from the consumers' point of view, establishing good cooperation with excellent enterprises in different fields and building a good reputation, and the quality of products and service level have been widely praised. 

Contact us to discuss more and get your custom engine oil packaging now. or Email directly:

Advantage of Polyethylene Plastic Machine Oil Bottles

Polyethylene is mainly divided into low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE).
In the medium environment of strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidant and organic solvent, the material performance of HDPE and LDPE can be well played and utilized, especially HDPE is much higher than the other two materials in terms of resistance to strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidation performance and resistance to organic solvents, so HDPE impermeable anti-corrosion membrane is fully utilized in the chemical and environmental protection industry.
And low-density polyethylene also has good resistance to acid, alkali and salt solutions, and has good elongation, electrical insulation, chemical stability, processing properties and low temperature resistance. Ldpe material is good for oil squeeze bottles or automotive oil dispensers.

Different Dispensing and Non-dispensing Closures for machine oil bottles

The main functions of closurers are to protect the contents from contamination by external factors, to facilitate opening by consumer users, to convey corporate brand and product information, etc. A standard cap product must have the functions of compatibility, sealing, rigidity, ease of opening, resealing, multi-functionality, decoration, etc.

3plastic provide dispensing closures and non dispensing closures for your different application of automative packaging
Non-ispensing closures such asChild-resistant closures, Tamper evident closures, ribbed screw lidds, dome lids, smooth lids, dropper closures
Dispensing closuresr inclueds flip tops, disc tops, push-pull caps, yorker-style spounts , souted and more.

Contact us today to select a closure right for your applicatoin direct by mail:

Customizable Plastic Oil Bottles solutions

If a standard bottle doesn’t fulfill your requirements, 3plastics can offer custom-made plastic oil bottle and oil squeeze bottle packaging containers, we have an independent design department and blowing mold or injection mold department. 3D prototypes can be made for your reference. Our experienced R&D department can help you to make your idea a reality.  

 We are very responsible and professional to make the plastic oil bottles you want.  

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