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Custom CBD Packaging

3Plastic factory offers standard and custom cbd packaging solutions and mould design your CBD and cannabis products, such as cannabis concentrate packaging, weed bottles, cbd gummy packaging, cannabis flower packaging, cbd oil packaging,cannabis seed packaging and more. Choose from a selection of a broad range of jar, bottles, vials , tamper evident and child resistant containers and more. Custom labeling and printing service to make your products stand out from the rest with quality branded custom packaging.   

Serivce of custom CBD Packaging

Types of CBD Packaging

Quality packaging is indeed important, it is like the first meeting between a product and a customer, laced with various emotional connections such as good feeling building, trust building, etc. Everything from the logo to the packaging affects the shopping experience of potential buyers. In addition to needing to be attractive and safe for children, cannabias&  CBD
packaging must also protect the item from abuse and guarantee shelf life. The ideal industrial custom CBD packaging is sturdy, tamper-resistant, and an effective barrier against moisture, UV rays, and other contaminants. 


Industrial hemp pre-roll custom cannabis packaging prevents damage to the joint while sealing in odors and having great portability. The most popular industrial hemp roll-on custom cannabis packaging is the individual odor-resistant pop-top tube, and the pre-roll also works well to prevent children from using it.

Cannabis concentrate packaging

Glass, silicone, acrylic or polystyrene canisters designed to make it safe for children are the ideal cannabis concentrate packaging for most industrial hemp concentrates. Cannabis concentrate packaging containers with rounded corners ensure that the concentrate inside is less likely to be damaged and spilled.

Cannabis flower packaging

Top-quality industrial cannabis flower packaging, cannabis seed packaging or weed bottles should be in odor-proof bags or child-resistant glass tubes or jars. Since the flowers can be particularly pungent and prone to damage from exposure to air, a tightly sealed and resealable packaging tube is especially important in cbd flower packaging.

CBD Topical Containers

Cannabis products can be widely used in food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, beauty & personal care industry. Our wide range bottles and jars custom cannabis packaging can be used for CBD topical containers

Child resistant CBD packaging

Prevent children from opening the cbd packaging requirements: a. Open difficult, put it into cbd packaging container that children can not easily open; b. The cbd packaging must not be transparent and exposed, especially to attract children's cookies and candy or cbd gummy packaging etc.; c. Avoid lively colors to attract children or adolescents to avoid accidental ingestion.

Sustainability of CBD Packaging

As much as possible with sustainable, environmentally friendly CBD packaging. This will make environmentally conscious consumers more willing to buy currently more popular sustainable packaging
materials including Post Consumable Resin Recycled Plastic or Biodegradble Custom CBD Packaging

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