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Custom Jars And Lids Of Double Wall For Cosmetic Products

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Plastic double wall jars

Plastic jars have a lot of applications and are widely used in many industries, today I want to show you the answer about "what is double wall plastic jars?" in a simple way. Since you mentioned the double wall plastic jars, you probably already know the single wall jars, the difference between them is the number of walls, no doubt. First, we drew a picture (right) about double wall jar to help you understand the basic structure.

This jar has two plastic shells (inner wall and outer wall), which means the jar's wall is a little bit thicker compare to regular jars, and it will give your products more protection from outside, based on this feature, these two shells can be used in different materials to make, like PP, or our PS material double wall plastic jars.

Plastic double wall jars

Now you know the unique part of double wall plastic jars, what about the other parts?

The plastic dome cap is a great partner for double wall round jars, their round base gives a complete and elegant look, click here to see details about GFA - 513 plastic jars.

As I said above, let's sum up the characters about double wall jars.

1. The body of jar including the inner wall and outer wall.

2. Usually, it has the classic round base.

3. Ideal for cream or other cosmetic products.

In addition, although plastic double wall jars have their own unique features, they still have value-added services for you to choose, like labeling and printing, and now you can request a custom quote from 3Plastics.

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