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Everything You Need to Know about Custom Plastic Box

Plastic boxes or plastic cases, square or round, are increasingly used in our lives. From vegetables and fruits, to jewelry, to tool boxes, the use of plastic box is becoming more and more widespread. And plastic packaging box manufacturers can custom plastic box in different colors, shapes and functions.

Custom Plastic Box

The Advantage of Custom Plastic Box

This is inseparable from the advantages of plastic box itself. First of all, plastic box is thin, light weight, easy to carry, easy to transport and logistics. Secondly, the cost of plastic boxes is low, compared to other packaging such as iron boxes, plastic box costs are much lower. Once again, plastic boxes are convenient for packaging, convenient for packaging all kinds of products and items.

Popular Material for Custom Plastic Box

PS Plastic Boxes

Custom Clear Plastic Box

PS Plastic boxes in the feel and appearance are beginning to approach the traditional wide mouth plastic, glass food bottles. ps plastic boxes in the cost of lower, which for some food manufacturers in the packaging has a more cost-effective choice. The transparent made your product shown, widely used for storage boxes, coin cases. Get clear PS plastic boxes from custom plastic box manufacturers now.

PP Plastic Boxes

Custom Plastic Box

pp is polypropylene. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic resin. Flammable, melting point 165 ℃, softening at 155 ℃, the use of temperature range of -30 ~ 140 ℃, below 80 ℃ can be resistant to acid, alkali, salt liquid and a variety of organic solvent corrosion.So PP plastic box can be used for microwave heating, heat resistance in about 100-120 degrees.The natural color of PP material is half transparent. PP plastic boxes is widely used for pill boxes, cookie box, storage boxes. Get colorful pp plastic boxes from custom plastic box manufacturers now.

The Price of Plastic Box

How to calculate the wholesale order price of plastic boxes? As professional china plastic box manufacturers, we will tell you the experience:

Firstly, the wholesale price of custom plastic box is related to the size. Relatively speaking, the larger the size of the plastic box, the higher the price will be, because the more materials will be required. Secondly, the style of the plastic box, the price of the special style plastic box will be higher, while the price of the ordinary style plastic box will be lower because of the easy production. Once again, the price of plastic box is also determined by the price of raw materials. Lastly, the ordering channel of plastic boxes, generally speaking, the price of plastic boxes will be relatively lower when ordered in large quantities.

How to Custom Plastic Box

As one of lead china plastic box manufacturers, we can provide below custom plastic box service:

a.Send your idea to the custom plastic box manufacturers.

b.The plastic packaging box manufacturers will find some sample for reference and talk with you to confirm details and quotation.

c. The custom plastic box manufacturers will offer drawing for approve by your side.

d. The custom plastic box manufacturers will tart mould production for the plastic box or plastic case.

e. As soon as the plastic mold passes the customer's approval, it can be taken to the custom plastic box manufacturers for mass production.

2. Color Customization for custom plastic box

Color matching, just advise the pantone number, or give your samples. the plastic packaging box manufacturers can make different colors for you.

Professional custom plastic box manufacturers have printing and labeling workship. Normally the silk screen is suitable for 1-2 color printing design. and if you have complex printing requirements, the hot stamping is recommended for golden or sliver, and heat transfer printing for multi colors, or differen material of labeling, shrik labels.

3Plastics is one of the lead custom plastic box manufacturers and specializing in custom made plastic boxes with professional staff and complete equipment. We have professional plastic design, mold design team to provide you with custom made plastic boxes services, we have advanced and precise production equipment to ensure that you will eventually get high quality and satisfactory plastic products. Contact us now for your custom plastic box created.


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