How to Produce and Custom PET Plastic Bottle

PET bottles can be widely used in household products, daily chemicals, beauty and skincare packaging, and other fields. PET bottles can be in different sizes, such as 10ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml or 150ml, 250ml, 500ml, 100ml PET bottles and more. It is easy to start but difficult to do well. Due to the technical trend of lightweight, good preservation, the emphasis on heat and pressure resistance, and low environmental pollution and energy consumption, PET bottles have become the most promising packaging material. As professional PET bottle manufacturers, we would like to introduce you to the production process of PET bottles and the points to note for customizing PET bottle molds.

PET Bottle Production Process Principle

As we all know, PET packaging bottles can be made by the "one-step (injection, pulling and blowing) method" and "two-step (stretching and blow molding) method". 3Plastic will introduce the manufacturing principles and advantages of the two methods.

In the PET bottle molding process, the method that can complete the whole production process from PET material to bottle in one machine is called the "one-step method", while the method that can complete the above process in two machines, the injection molding machine (injection bottle blast) and the blow molding machine, is called "two-step method The method of completing the above process in two machines, the injection molding machine, and the blow molding machine, is called the "two-step method. Whether the "one-step" or "two-step" method is used, they are through injection molding, heating the embryo, stretching the embryo, blow molding, and product demolding the five processes to complete.

PET Bottles

One-step method for pet bottle manufacturers

One-step injection, stretching, and blow molding processes are completed sequentially in one machine, so it is called a one-step process.

A "One-step" injection and blow molding machine can be divided into two models according to the molding process: "three-station" and "four-station". The main difference between the "3-station" and "4-station" models is that the "3-station" model puts the injection molding and heating molding in one process, while the "4-station" model puts the injection molding and heating molding in one process. The main difference between "3-station" and "4-station" is that "3-station" puts the injected and heated blanks in one process, while "4-station" puts the injected and heated blanks in two. The "one-step" process has high technical requirements for the mold, and the "three-step" has higher requirements for the mold than the "four-step", and the mold required for the "one-step" process is higher than that for the "four-step" process. One-step" requires more complex molds, usually a set of three or four sets of molds combined, resulting in high prices for each set of molds.

"Two-step" method by pet bottle manufacturers

Compared with the "one-step" method, the "two-step" method has much lower technical requirements for molds. The "two-step" method can be divided into two forms. One is to put the heating and stretching of the mold in the same equipment, and the other is to put the heating and stretching of the mold in two machines respectively. The former form has a high degree of automation and productivity and a large investment in equipment, while the latter form has the main advantage of a small investment in equipment.

juice bottle manufacturers
juice bottle manufacturers

There are many factors affecting the quality of PET bottles, mainly involving the wall thickness distribution of the preform, the performance of the blowing equipment, the quality of the blowing mold, and other factors, in particular, the wall thickness distribution of the preform is the most important. The wall thickness distribution is related to the quality of PET raw material, the performance of injection equipment, and the quality of preform molds. In particular, the quality of "one-step" preform molds directly affects the wall thickness distribution of PET bottles. The "two-step" equipment is relatively easier to control the temperature of the preform than the "one-step" four-station equipment. This is because the two-step process is a combination of rotation and revolution during the heating process, and the heating time is longer, so it is easier to make the temperature of the preform even and the quality is easier to control. Find 100ml pet bottle manufacturers, 250ml pet bottle suppliers, or 300ml pet bottle manufacturers for your different needs. Learn More

Custom PET Bottles Should Pay Attention to These points

Plastic bottle packaging customization is very important, it can help enterprises to create a more distinctive product packaging, and enhance the competitiveness of the product.

However, before customization, 3Plastics reminds you to be clear about these points:

Firstly, the Price of the PET Plastic Bottles

Customization is inseparable from a problem, which is the price. Compared to mass production, the price of custom care plastic bottles is more expensive because of opening new mold and product mold fees. If manufacturers want to reduce costs, you can consider the Internet-like group buying method or other ways to buy. Of course, if the product positioning is high-end, then it looks a little expensive, and the custom way is also worth it.

Secondly, PET Bottle Manufacturers

Nowadays, more and more plastic bottle manufacturing companies provide customization services, but the strength of different plastic bottle manufacturing companies also varies. When choosing a custom plastic bottle manufacturer of PET bottles, you need to consider the design level of the plastic bottle manufacturer, and whether they have the ability to develop designs. You should also check the samples of the manufacturer to ensure the level of craftsmanship.

Thirdly, Whether the source of raw materials is safe.

Some businesses use inferior secondary materials, this should be particularly vigilant. Generally speaking, the most commonly used materials are mainly polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET), and so on. In the choice of these raw materials as far as possible through the formal channels or procurement of large factory raw materials.

Fourth, is the choice of mold.

After the size of the selected specifications can be negotiated with the package to open the mold, opening the mold generally packages to consider two points: the price and their actual use. If the annual amount is not very large, you can choose the general mold, With the different quality of the mold, there will be a gap in the service life and the quality of the products produced.

Custom Plastic Bottle Mold Process

Finally, when customizing PET bottles, we must pay more attention to listening to the voice of the user, from the consumer's point of view, taking into full consideration the habits and preferences of consumers.

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