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240ml (8oz) natural colored HDPE cylinder round plastic polyethylene bottles

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The JF-113 is a 240ml (8oz) natural colored HDPE cylinder plastic polyethylene bottle with 24/410 neck finish. We could identify cylinder round polyethylene bottles by its sharp square shoulders and square base. Polyethylene (HDPE) being marked with the number of 2 on the bottom of plastic bottles. HDPE material has the characters of high tensile strength, good resistance to chemicals, good impact resistance, highly rigid, and highly scratch resistant. Polyethylene bottles offer exceptional durability and resistance to impact, making them a popular choice for packaging everything from chemicals and cleaning solutions to food products and cosmetics. HDPE containers are also known for their resistance to moisture and UV radiation, ensuring that your products remain safe and secure even under challenging conditions.
This cylinder hdpe plastic bottle has a 24/410 neck finish, the number 24 refers to the diameter, the number 410 refers to the closures depth, style and thread. We have many kinds of closures suitable for plastic cylinder containers, the closures could be custom designed as you asked too.


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For those looking to buy polyethylene bottles in bulk, we offer HDPE bottles wholesale, allowing you to save on costs while still maintaining the high quality of your packaging. And as one of trusted HDPE bottle manufacturers, you can rest assured that your products will be delivered on time and to your exact specifications.

Our HDPE plastic bottles come in a variety of sizes, including the popular 4 oz HDPE bottles, and feature a wide mouth design for easy filling and dispensing. We also offer HDPE squeeze bottles for more precise application, as well as HDPE sample bottles for product testing and sampling.

In addition to HDPE, we also offer LDPE bottles, made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic. These bottles offer a softer, more flexible feel than HDPE bottles, making them a great choice for products that require squeezing or bending, such as lotions or hair care products.

About hdpe packaging:

When it comes to packaging, HDPE plastic is a popular material choice for many products. Not only are HDPE bottles and jars incredibly durable and resistant to impact, but packaging hdpe bottle is also easy to customize to your specific needs.

HDPE bottle manufacturers produce a wide range of other packaging options, including the popular wide mouth plastic bottle. These bottles are perfect for products that require easy access and filling, such as powders or granules. They are also available in various sizes, including the popular 4 oz HDPE bottles, making them suitable for a range of products.

If you need to buy HDPE plastic bottles in bulk, you may want to consider purchasing them wholesale. This can be a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to save money on packaging costs. Many manufacturers offer HDPE plastic bottles wholesale in a variety of sizes and styles.

HDPE sample bottles are another popular option, particularly for businesses that need to provide samples to customers or conduct product testing. These bottles are typically smaller in size, making them easy to transport and store, and are available with a range of lids and closures.

For products that require more precise application, HDPE squeeze bottles are the ideal solution. These bottles are available in a range of sizes and feature a squeeze function that allows for precise dispensing of your product. LDPE bottles are also a popular option for products that require squeezing or bending.

HDPE jars are another option for packaging products. These hdpe jars with lids are available with different lid options, including screw-on caps or snap-on lids, ensuring that your products remain secure and protected . HDPE jars are perfect for storing products such as lotions, creams, and other cosmetics, as well as food products like spices or dried herbs.

So whether you need packaging for your business or for personal use, consider the many benefits of HDPE plastic bottles and LDPE bottles, hdpe plastic jars. With polyethylene bottles' strength, durability, and versatility, they are sure to meet your every need.

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