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LDPE Plastic Bottles

The flexible and squeezable ldpe plastic bottles are available in wide range shapes and sizes includes boston round, cylinder round, cosmo round, wide mouth ldpe plastic bottles and more.

These bottles could be compatible with a variety of closures.The natural color of LDPE bottles and containers can be semi-transparent, but we also can match the color of the bottles as per your requirements. Custom printing and labeling is also available.

Click on any products below for more information and request free samples from us of the LDPE plastic containers. Also If you have your own design want to customize your LDPE plastic bottles, contact our sales to discuss further.

The Features of LDPE Plastic Bottles

Polyethylene (LDPE) being marked with the number of 4 on the bottom of plastic bottles. LDPE material has the characters of the high tensile strength, low density, good chemical resistance and high scratch resistance.

Sustainable Packaging Options

Post Consumer Recycled (PCR)

PCR full name is Post-Consumer Recycled material, that is,  recycled material, usually refers to PET, PP, HDPE and other recycled materials, and then reprocessed for the manufacture of new packaging materials of plastic raw materials. To put it more graphically, waste packaging is given a second life.

We can custom bottles or jars up to 100% post-consumer recycled content, depends on our customer's requirements.

Learn more about PCR options

Compostable &Biodegradable Material

PLA: We can produce biodegradable PLA material jars and bottles made from corn scratch.

Custom plant based 100% compostable material based on product shape such as small bottles, injection products.

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