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Color Bottles

Paint Ink Glue Bottles


LDPE Squeeze bottle with twist caps, drop tip cap is great for dispensing a variety of products like  carpenters wood glue, school glue, white crafters glue, or industrial grade glues, gels, ink, paints and more.  3Plastics specialzed in manufacturing and develop a variety shape of  plastic glue bottles in round, rectangular, double neck or f-style shape for glue, paint industrial packaging. Just tell us your ideas, we can customize the unique packaging for your products.

PE Glue Bottle with Dispensing Caps


Durable ldpe material squeeze bottles with drop tip caps,  long needle tip, york cap or twist cap, which is perfect for dosing liquid, easy to squeeze and refill, better control of product flow, which helps prevent unnecessary product waste. They are good glue squeeze bottles, tatoo ink bottle, art craft writer bottles and more.

twist top squeeze bottles.jpg

Cylinder Round HDPE bottle

HDPE cylinder round plastic glue squeeze bottle compatible with twist cap 


Small Glue bottles

HDPE Cylinder round bottles with two type twist caps for selection

JF-031 (5).JPG

Cosmo round bottle with twist cap

Cosmo glue bottle for hair oil applicator, glue bottle, ink paint bottle

red tip dropper bottles.JPG

Cosmo Red tip yorker cap PE bottle

HDPE bottles with red tip cap for general purpose  glue bottles


Boston round glue bottles

Plastic Dispensing Squeeze Bottles with Twist Top hair oil die ink paint nozzle applicator


LDPE Dispensing Bottle with Scale

Red tip cap LDPE Dispensing bottles with scale marked

Super Glue Bottles


Professional PE industrial super glue bottles, contact us for custom

glue bottles.jpg

15ml 25ml 50ml Super Glue Bottle

HDPE super glue 25ml Plastic Bottle Long Tip 50ml hdpe empty plastic painting glue bottle

glue bottles9.jpg

Glue Bottle with applicator cap 

HDPE super glue bottle with applicator tip, for universal instant high strength bonds. glue 

glue bottle.jpg

Flat HDPE Glue Bottles

HDPE non-leakage non-solid glue anaerobic glue bottle, uv gel bottle

LDPE Dropper Bottle for Lace Wig Glue Bottle Liquid


Squeeze dropper bottles can also used for glue bottles, easy for squeezing and fill 

glue bottles.jpg

LDPE Dropper Bottles

Ldpe dropper bottle for lace wing hair glue bottles

white dropper bottles flat.jpg

Flat Dropper bottles

Flat glue bottles for skin care, hair glue, super glue and more

white dropper bottles.jpg

Thin Cylinder Dropper Bottles

Custom thin shape with different size dropper bottles

Ink , Paint, Art Craft, Car Repair Bottles


Here we have Squeeze writer bottles, car repair pens, which can be used for multiple purposes and can be easily identified with colors and its transparency.  

glue bottles52.jpg

Squeeze Writer Bottles

 Easy Squeeze Applicator Bottles for Icing bottles, Oil, Paint, art crat

glue bottles28.jpg

Drop Tip Ink bottle with hang

HDPE super glue 25ml Plastic Bottle Long Tip 50ml hdpe empty plastic painting glue bottle

car repair pen

PETG Car Scratch Repair Pen

Scratch Repair Pen 2 In 1 20ml Scratch Repair Pen Touch Up Paint Pen For Car Body

Large container for super glue, ink chemical 


Industrial Sovent Bottles

1 Gallon HDPE Plastic industrial round bottles Grab-N-Go Jug with screw cap,  large glue bottles.


HDPE F-Style Gallon Bottles

Large 1 Gallon Bottles HDPE Plastic Bottles for ink, paint ,large glue liquid


HDPE 1 liter bottles

1liter cyliner roudn bottles for large glue liquid packaging

Looking for a custom glue oil bottle quote? Contact Us Now

Your Professional Custom Glue bottles, Ink Paint Packaging Supplier

3Plastics specialize in the development and production of plastic containers for glue, ink, oil, paints. We have certain insight into the appearance design of plastic containers and always pay attention to the development trend of chemical packaging market. 3Plastics keep innovating on the basis of following the design rules, and bring the plastic bottles/jugs/buckets with avant-garde and practical designs to the market.
The comapany has a number of new advanced modern blow molding/injection molding machines, and a large number of high-precision testing equipment, such as blow molding bottle leak detector, plastic bottle mouth tester, etc., to ensure that each product is strictly inspected before leaving the factory.

Contact us to discuss more and get your custom engine oil packaging now. or Email directly:

Customizable Glue Bottles solutions

If a standard bottle doesn’t fulfill your requirements, 3plastics can offer custom-made plastic glue bottle and ink squeeze bottle packaging containers, we have an independent design department and blowing mold or injection mold department. 3D prototypes can be made for your reference. Our experienced R&D department can help you to make your idea a reality.  

 We are very responsible and professional to make the plastic glue bottles you want.  

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