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Labware, Laboratory Consumables

3Plastics produce a big selection of laboratory products, including plastic test tubes, centrifuge tube/ centrifuge pcr tubes micro centrifuge tubes, such as 500 ml centrifuge tubes, 5ml centrifuge tube, VTM tubes, plastic reagent bottles, sample jars, plastic vials ,wash bottles, test tubes, jugs,  disposable lab sampling tools, spoons, funnels, and more science equipment.
We also provide customized design and brand decoration services for your disposable lab consumable plastic test tubes, pharmaceutical packaging, sciences&medical use,  and other general laboratory needs.

Select from our laboratory productss, or just send us your specific requirements and our specialists will send you samples.

Disposable Lab Consumables, Plastic Test Tubes & Centrifuge Tube

 Produced in 10-thousand-level clean workshops, equipped with modern Lab Inspection, 3Plastics can provide centrifuge pcr tubes, sterile test tubes with tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, self-test test tubes with caps, sample collection tubes, round, conical test tubes plastic test tubes bulk, and RNA DNA extraction tubes. Volumes from 0.5ml ,1ml,2ml, 5ml to 10ml test tubes, 50ml test tubes, 100ml test tubes, centrifuge pcr tubes,500 ml centrifuge tubes 5ml centrifuge tube. Products can be E.O. Sterile, DNAse RNAse, and Pyrogen Free, Optional  Graduated 

microcentrifuge tubes

0.5mL, 1.5mL, 2.0mL & 5mL Locking micro centrifuge tubes pcr tubes

Diamond shape micro centrifuge tubes PCR tubes that provide the security of a screw cap with the snap cap 5ml centrifuge tubes. 

centrifuge tubes self standing

50ml PP Graduated Sterile centrifuge tube, self-standing

Come with advanced polypropylene, EO sterile available, centrifuge pcr tubes, Bottom style: conical, self-standing

centrifuge tube with screw cap10.jpg

Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom With Screw Cap

Round bottom centrifuge tube with screw cap in different volumes for your selection. Made of High transparency PP material.

LDPE Antigen Rapid Test Extraction Tube with Dropper

LDPE Antigen Rapid Test Extraction Tube with Dropper

These squeezable buffer tubes used for antigen rapid test kit are widely used in coronavirus antigen detection kits.

centrifuge tubes

Conical Test Tubes Plastic Falcon Centrifuge Tube With Screw Cap

10ml,15ml, 50ml, sterile test tubes, centrifuge pcr tubes with screw cap, conical test tubes, produced in a 100,000-level workshop. 

centrifuge tubes self standing

 Conical Bottom, Self-Standing 5ml PP  Centrifuge Tubes  

Transport centrifuge tubes, disposable test tubes flat bottom test tubes for the safe storage and transport of biological materials.

Centrifuge Tubes with Snap-Cap

Polypropylene Plastic Round Botton Centrifuge Tubes with Snap-Cap

 Natural Color, Features external graduation marks and frosted writing surfaces. Storage container for beads specimen sample.

3ml 5ml Extraction Vial Antigen extraction buffer tubes 

3ml 5ml Extraction Vial Antigen extraction buffer tubes 

Extraction Vial For SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) antigen Rapid Test Kits, LDPE Soft material easy to squeeze disposable test tubes

centrifuge tubes

Round Bottle lab bottle test tube micro centrifuge tubes

Round Shape sterile test tubes, EO Sterile is available. screw cap test tubes centrifuge tubes bulk

PP Cylindrical Centrifuge Tubes Plastic Test Tubes with Cap

Made of polypropylene
Autoclavable and high chemical resistance disposable test tubes

VTM Sample Collection Tubes

Disposable flat bottom test tubes PP VTM Sample Collection Tubes

Used to maintaining virus samples under specified conditions. disposable test tubes, test tubes with caps

VTM Sample Collection Tubes

Virus Sample Collection Tube flat bottom test tubes with Caps

PP VTM sampling tubes used for collection, transportation, treatment and storage of specimens,disposable test tubes

Micro Centrifuge Tubes Cryotube Freezing Tube Laboratory  Cryovial

Multiple choice for cap inserts for identification, Available in both inner screw cap and external screw cap or with oring micro centrifuge tubes, plastic test tubes bulk, phlebotomy test tubes, medical test tube. The popular micro centrifuge tubes size inludes0.5ml, 1.5ml. Inner round bottom for the full collection of samples. Made of highly transparent polypropylene (PP) material, which can be repeatedly frozen and thawed and stored for a long time; These micro centrifuge tubes /cryotubes can withstand temperatures: -80ºC to 100ºC. 

Cryotube Freezing Tube Laboratory  Cryovial

Labware Bottles, Laboratory Jars, Lab Vials, Lab Supplies

3plastics supplies laboratory plastic jars, bottles, vials in a wide variety of sizes, materials, styles, and closure options. Including lab-style bottles, reagent bottles, dispensing squeeze bottles, wash bottles, laboratory jars polypropylene lab jars, and styrene plastic lab jars offer a good moisture barrier and heat resistance. Contact us to get free samples.

Graduated Lab Washing Bottles

Graduated Lab Washing Bottles

​Wash bottle used to wash labware and to store washing solutions, such as acetone or deionized water​

Lab Drop and Dispensing Bottles LDPE Squeeze bottles

Lab Drop and Dispensing Bottles LDPE Squeeze bottles

 Dropper Container is made of high-quality LDPE plastic with good flexibility. Easy to squeeze and control liquid.

PET Clear Plastic Reagent Bottles

PET Clear Plastic Reagent Bottles

Reagent bottles are widely used in factories, schools, research institutes, tools for storing reagents 

​Wide mouth wash bottles

Wide mouth wash bottles

Wash Bottle with Safety Labels, Self-venting, Non-metallic vent that prevents the risk of solvent leakage

Narrow Mouth Regent Bottles and Small vials

Narrow Mouth Regent Bottles and Small vials

Narrow mouth reagent bottle is very suitable for storage, sampling, transportation and packaging products

plastic pp measuring  cup with scale

plastic pp measuring  cup with scale

Laboratory Transparent 100ml-500ml plastic pp measuring beaker cup with scales

PP PS Lab style plastic jars,

PP PS Lab style plastic jars,

plastic laboratory jars polypropylene lab jars ,HDPE and styrene plastic labjars offer a good moisture barrier and heat resistance.

Amber Wide Mouth Water Bottles With Screw Cap

Amber Wide Mouth Water Bottles With Screw Cap

Four choices of PP, HDPE, LDPE and amber HDPE.  Excellent sealing design ensure 100% leakproof. 

plastic funnels.jpg

Lab Plastic Funnels

PP material,Various specifications, Preferential price,OEM is available

Looking for custom laboratory products or disposable plastic centrifuge tube? Contact us now!

Your Trusted Plastic Centrifuge Tube and Labware Products Manufacturer

With More than 25 years of experience in plastic laboratory and sterile plastic test tubes with lids manufacturing, 3Plastics is a production-oriented company dedicated to manufacturing high-quality centrifuge tube and micro centrifuge tubes.
3Plastic insists on the quality management concept of "quality from design, control in the process", the quality system is designed by a combination of GMP and ISO9001, and the product quality control is carried out throughout the production process to better serve our customers. In order to provide customers with higher quality, more environmentally friendly and more valuable sterile and dust-free test tubes, centrifuge tube and micro centrifuge tubes.

Quality first
Our company always puts quality in the first place, and customer satisfaction is our motivation.

In order to develop with our customers for a long time, we always abide by the principle of honest trading and never make false claims.

Lean and improve
In the process of stable use of customer products, we continue to innovate and develop more matching and practical packaging.

Customizable Labware centrifuge tube and micro centrifuge tubes solutions

The brand decoration for labware plastic test tubes bulk, your unique centrifuge tube or micro centrifuge tubes including silk screen printing , hot stamping, heat transfer printing, labeling, shrink sleeving labels ect..  View More
In addition to the printing and labeling application service, we can custom the colors of the labware and plastic test tubes bulk containers as per customer's requirements and offer a wide range of decorative effects from the matte frost to spray coating, electrplating and more.
Do not hesitate to Contact our decoration experts now to complete your plastic test tubes bulk and lab marketing vision and make your labware and plastic test tubes in bulk stand out from the competition.


Mold Design&Custom

custom plastic bottle design - 3plastics.jpeg
Customized molding -3plastics.jpg

Custom Design Service

Turn Your Idea Into A Reality

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