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24+ Types Plastic Caps, Closures for Plastic Bottles That You Must Know

different kind of plastic caps sprayers pumps

We Have What You Need About Caps And Solutions

Have a glance at a large variety of plastic caps and closures categories for plastic bottles below, pick your favorite and work best for you, start your business with us now!

Dispensing Caps & Closures - The Most Commonly 5 Types You See In Life

The dispensing caps & closures vary from each other, you need to select suitable ones for your products and containers, we list 5 typical dispensing caps for you below, also we elaborate their features and common application areas, you may have your desired dispensing caps already, here we 3Plastics promise that all of our dispensing caps are high-quality, long life-span, sample test is encouraged for compatibility. Besides, they are supplied in different styles, colors, sizes, etc, at real wholesale price, compare them yourself now.

flip top caps, flip soutc cap, twist top cap , dic top caps

1.Flip top plastic cap

The flip top plastic cap is a member of our plastic dispensing caps family, they come in various sizes, colors, shapes, thickness and patterns so as to give wide options to choose. Taking advantage of its features, flip top plastic caps are often used in thin and thicker liquids, even flip top plastic caps could be classified into different types, but we promise as we always do our plastic caps by making use of top grade material, in line with high-quality global standards, they're durable, odorless, sturdy construction, longer life span...... 2. Flip spout cap

Before you select flip spout cap as your products closures, we highly recommend you to request a sample to test and see if your products with closures are proper compatibility. the flip spout cap is one of the oldest design of dispensing caps, this type of closures could work well for several industrial applications, very easy to use.

3. Twist Top Cap

Normally, every kind of plastic dispensing cap has their certain application sector, it is important to select the appropriate orifice/opening for the product being dispensed. like twist top caps, they are commonly used in food and adhesive packaging, you twist a way to open it and twist reverse way to close it.

4. Plastic disc top caps

Plastic disc top caps are very useful to our daily life, you can see commonly this dispensing cap for shampoo and personal care products, or other similar products, you press on one side, the other pops up, moreover, we have a lot of creative decorative ideas for disc top caps to improve your products' visual appearance.

5.Push/pull caps

3Plastics offers a variety of plastic push/pull caps options to you, push/pull bottle caps are always used in sports bottles and dish detergent packaging. Each push/pull cap consists of a threaded base and a plastic spout, pull upward the spout to open and push down the spout to close as just like its name.

You can find large selections of plastic containers here to fit the clousres as well. Contacut us to request a sample now



Our plastic triggers are both good for household use or professional use, you twist the nozzle to open before you use it, the length of trigger could be trimmed as you want, in most case, our plastic triggers will perfectly match up with your versatility of use, if you want to apply these plastic triggers into chemical or corrosive articles, please inform us in advance, we will reply to you if they're fit ASAP.


The plastic mist spray has a variety of solutions available, they feature an easy way to use similar to plastic pump, they are in different colors, sizes, and great for cleaning, travel, perfume, and many other liquid substances. Here is the note: plastic mist spray is not good for storing pure oil, moreover, be sure shake bottle before using for good discharge of the spray.


The plastic pumps are commonly seen in our daily life, according to our clients' different needs, we distribute many types of our pumps, including foamer pump, airless pump, lotion pump, treatment pump, etc, more than this, we also provide you with a huge selection of our plastic bottles, jars, containers for you. 3Plastics is your trusted one-stop plastic packaging shop.

You can find large selections of plastic bottles here to fit the lotion pumps or fine mist sprayers as well. Contacut us to get the best solution of your pump bottle or spray bottles.

What You Ought To Know (deeply) About Other Dispensing Caps & Closures

Here we present you 5 more plastic caps & closures, they are too important to neglect and had good performance in the market, it's critical to select a proper caps for the completion of your packagings, and you're welcome to request the sample to test for all of our caps, see what can you do with the following dispensing caps & closures. Moreover, we accept OEM/ODM, we're devoted to lowering the production cost by strict QA & QC system, cutting-edge production technology, low price and efficient is waiting for you.

picturer of dropper caps hanging caps glue caps yorker tip caps

1. The Dropper Assemblies

The dropper assemblies have to work with dropper bottles, they are usually used in chemical or medicine industry for dispensing small amounts of liquid, the dropper assemblies are consist of three parts, it features pipette, cap and bulb, you can squeeze and release the bulb to draw liquid into the pipette.

2. Glue caps

Glue caps are a big category, depending on what type of the glue, we can select and recommend our different glue caps for working best for you products, the point is to make sure it's easy to dispense only the amount customers need. See if you favor this plastic bottles with glue cap.

3. Hanging cap

This hanging cap does look like a little special and weird, according to clients' different requirements and special needs, we always have to make a little trimming or brand new custom made for them, is your products need to hang up? or you can string together a number of bottles use a ring for easy to carry.

4. Yoker spout cap

Yorker spout is evident for its red cone tip to protect the opening, there is a large selection of plastic yoker spout caps for dispensing viscosity products, such as ketchup, mustard, glue, oil, paint, chemicals, etc. Click here to know plastic bottles wit yoker spout caps.

5. Eye drop caps

The color of our eyedrop caps can be customized as you want, why is that important, perhaps you already knew many countries have a policy to color-code topical ocular medication bottles caps, so different standard colors stand for different prescription medicine for eyes. besides, our eyedrop caps and bottles are certain BPA free. Get started now.

ldpe dropper plugs

Dropper tip plugs

What Is It For? This dropper tip plug is being used to reduce the size of orifice, in order to dispense the exact amount you want, the common usage is for eyedrops or art pigment, of course, it got popular in the cosmetic market when MAC began to use our bottle for packing liquid foundation. You also can see them work well with dropper tip cap above.

orifice reducers

Orifice reducers

Do I Need Them?

The same with dropper tip plug, orifice reducers are designed to reduce the opening for controlled dispensing by the users, so for the answer to the question about "Do I Need Them" is your product's features, if your customers want the dispensing needs to be controlled.

Non-dispensing Caps

Offering a wide selection of non-dispensing caps in different colors, neck finish, styles, and other features.

Starting To Choose & Not To Search

We do have a big category of plastic non-dispensing caps (also named as ribbed caps) to match with our enormous plastic containers, yes, non-dispensing caps seem like a little simple in structure compared to variant dispensing caps, that doesn't mean we pay a scarce attention to them, the fact is we lower its cost price by cutting-edge technology machine and proficient process.

Custom Made & Labeling Services For You

Our R&D team has abundant experience in customized products for our clients who have special needs, please feel free to contact us and tell us what's your creative ideas about plastic caps, we may can turn your ideas into reality, in addition, decorative surface treatments are available too, you can apply logos or important messages on your caps.

Child-resistant Caps

blue child resistant cap

Child-resistant caps (also referred as CR caps) are designed to prevent the children from potentially ingesting dangerous items, so child-resistant caps have been usually used in package drugs, cosmetics, and household chemicals or other hazardous products. If your products need child-resistant caps, it's vital to choose the most suitable ones, otherwise, it will have the harmful consequence to children and your brand.

Our bottles with child-resistant caps had been used in many industries, if you're new in this field, our knowledgeable consultant will give the constructive suggestion for your containers and products, send a message to us, on the other hand, there are still a number of types of caps have the same function of child-resistant, we can't show them all to you, if you already had your selected child-resistant cap, contact us here, we have more competitive price for you.

Tamper-evident Caps

You can see tamper evident caps or tamper resistant caps are commonly used in beverage, food, and pharmaceutical market, the key component of this kind of cap is a security bond, which gives customers the clear signal if the containers are still intact or have been broken. Also, there are warning labels on containers to caution consumers for not buying broken caps sealing containers.

Do you want to show your customers that your products are safe and non-refillable? At 3Plastics, we offer you an inventory of plastic tamper evident caps, we have them in multiple colors, neck finish, styles with high-quality and guaranteed leak-proof, as well as our plastic containers, you can request a tamper evident cap sample to test with your containers, or give us more details here, we will find the right caps for you.

Plastic Brush Caps

brush cap

Plastic brush cap is composed of a little built-in plastic brush, according to its special features, there're multiple areas that you can use this plastic brush cap as a big help, like fingernail polish, glue, some oil, and art craft paint, etc.

With so many applications and do not limit your imagination, once we got an order of plastic brush caps for art craft paint, they received lots of good reviews on that, they don't have to clean the brush after use it and it's easy to carry around.

In addition to plastic brush caps, we also provide bottles and many other value-added services, like labeling and printing surface treatments, we knew how to make your products catch more customers' eyes on the shelf.

Plastic Rod Caps

plastic rod caps

Guaranteed Wholesale Price & Technology Support From Senior R&D Team

Plastic rod caps are so much like plastic brush caps, plastic rod was built-in on the inside, a small round protrusion at the end of rod for attaching substances, one of the big application for plastic rod caps is used for essential oils, you can request a sample to test here, you may find a new niche in the market, additionally, you can click here to see all of our products.


We prepared hot-selling and pragmatic plastic caps and bottles for your sweet home and restaurant here, make them spice up your life.

wide mouth plastic sauce squeeze bottles


This plastic bottle with cap is an old-fashioned style, the caps feature a cone nozzle, it will let you squeeze exact amount easily. The bottle is wide-mouth opening, which makes them convenient to filling and refilling, by the way, in addition to ketchup, this condiment bottle is perfect for storing mustard, vinegar, frosting and many other sauces. Order now.

salt bottles


Our plastic salt caps and bottles are matched up very well, we launched this product many years ago, it got very popular in Australia and the middle east. The way the caps work is very apparent, you turn the cap to open and there are two options for dispensing: multiple holes or big hole. Moreover, the body of bottle has a big area that you can label or print to differentiate you from others. Buy plastic salt caps or bottles now.

pet spice shaker bottles


Plastic bottle with spice cap is another typical example of condiment containers, these spice caps are available in an array of colors and sizes to suit your need, the spice cap is much like plastic salt cap that you can dispense ground spices with a simple shake, better still, if you buy bottles with spice caps now.

grinder spice shaker bottles


With more industries that we worked with, we understand deeper what our customers really need, if you're looking for a trusted grinder caps and spice grinder wholesale supplier, 3Plastics will offer you the suitable ones, we already provide our grinder caps to restaurants, catering company, or seasoning producer. Want to get ideal grinder caps in your industry? Take a look at our grinder caps here.


We look forward to cooperating with you, we will show our expertise, experiences, and enthusiasm if you take the first step here.

Choose Us, Your Customers Are Waiting Now.

You may don't have time to go through all of our plastic caps, lids, closures or bottles, here you can send your specific requirements to directly, we will feedback to you ASAP.

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