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Importance Of Tamper Evident Packaging & Closures

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

What is Tamper Evident Packaging & Closures?

Tamper evident packaging is packaging that alerts the consumer to foul play or damage to the product. When tamper-evident packaging is triggered by attempted removal or manipulation, it leaves evidence of these actions behind. This alerts any would-be consumers to the fact that the product has been tampered with and is not safe to use or consume.

Additionally, the resistant packaging must not be readily available to the public, making it less easy to duplicate, and it must include a description of the safety feature on the packaging for easier understanding by the consumer.

If you are selling packaged items, protecting the safety and integrity of your product is a top priority. A great way to ensure that protection is with the use of tamper-evident packaging and tamper-evident closure. The major benefit of this tamper-evident packaging is not only the increased security but also allowing the consumer to be easily recognized if the product's seal has been compromised.

Why the Tamper-Evident Packaging & Closures is important to use in the packaging industry?

Tamper evident closure is typically lids for plastic and glass bottles used in the packaging and pharmaceutical industries. The Tamper-evident caps are positioned mechanically and a seal needs to be broken to open them, which leaves an obvious visual indication that the bottle has been opened.

Tamper evident closure is so common in the food and beverage industry that you probably take it for granted. You’ll find that most bottled beverages feature a twist cap, and you intuitively know that if the cap has been twisted off, the beverage has been opened. But what about tamper-evident packaging for takeout food orders? Tamper evident packaging for restaurants is rising in popularity because of the increasing demand for no-contact takeout and delivery services and a growing concern for food safety.

What Tamper Evident Packaging & Closures do we have in SANLE PLASTIC

Tamper-Evident Packaging & Tamper-evident closure for maintaining product integrity and Safety for many material containers, as plastic.

To protect the integrity and freshness of your company’s products, Sanle provides a large inventory of Tamper evident caps, tamper-evident bottles. These Tamper-evident closures are designed to show immediate evidence a product has been tampered with. With a variety of cap designs, you can find a tamper-evident closure that meets the needs of your industry. Sanle serves multiple manufacturing and supplier industries, including pharmaceutical, personal care, beauty and cosmetics, and household cleaners, providing durable, high-quality tamper-evident closure, tamper-evident bottle caps, tamper-evident bottles options. Plastic tamper evident caps are made from the highest quality plastic materials, including HDPE, LDPE, and PP.

A closure with a breakable ring is a very common way to prevent tampering and to keep the product contents safe. When the consumer twists off the closure, they will be able to see and hear the cap breaking off from the bottom ring. This will give your customers the reassurance that your product is safe and fresh.

Examples of Sanle's tamper-evident bottles and caps

1.Sanle’s small capacity tamper-evident bottles item with a breakable ring

tamper-evident bottles tamper-evident bottles.

JF-051(15ml), JF-052(10ml),JF-053(5ml),JF-075(35ml) ,JF-076(40ml),

they are drop bottle with tamper evident bottle caps, like as eye drop bottle.

2. Sanle’s big capacity tamper evident bottles item with a breakable ring

tamper evident bottles

JF-143(240ml/8oz) Boston bottle with tamper evident closure, can be used to hold reagents.

Temper evident bottles

YFA-295(1000ml), square barrel tamper evident bottles with tamper evident closure, commonly used for filling disinfectant.

temper evident bottles

YFA-231(1250ml), double mouth bottle with tamper evident closure, often used in potions and chemical reagents.

Tamper evident closures

As Sanle’s custom plastic cap with a breakable ring of ZFA-741, which is 28-350 tamper evident bottle caps for glass or plastic bottle which is customized.


There are many benefits of protecting your product and its packaging with tamper evident packaging. Getting your product in the hands of the consumer is a journey. Tamper evident packaging helps protect your product from being damaged during the shipping and handling process.

Another benefit that can’t be stressed enough is this packaging reassures your consumers of the security and safety of your product. Most consumers have been trained to question or avoid products with broken seals and closures. The safety of your products will help to increase consumer confidence in your product, resulting in brand loyalty.

Tamper Evident Packaging & Closures Customization

Sanle team members provide comprehensive customer service to ensure you get the tamper evident closure, tamper evident bottle caps, tamper evident bottles, tamper evident labels for jars design and size you need to accommodate your requirements.

About US

Zhejiagn Sanle Plastic was one of the professional plastic products manufacturers with over 25 years of experience in this business, we know how to create the Tamper Evident Packaging & tamper evident Closures you’ll need.

As one of the experts in Plastic packaging, we are the experts when it comes to making our customer’s products safety with TamperEvident Packaging & Closures. Send us your artwork or concept of Tamper Evident Packaging & Closures, we will provide the complete representation of your artwork.

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