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Child Resistant Packaging

Children often like to explore this colorful world with their sense of taste, which unfortunately means that our everyday products such as cosmetics, household cleaners and medicines can be swallowed by children and can be fatal. Children are curious by nature, and this is inevitable. In addition to giving our children good habits of not touching things from a young age, we must protect them from objective factors, such as the design of bottles and bags of medicines, cosmetics and cleaning agents to prevent children from opening the packaging test.

Child resistant packaging refers to the storage of a certain amount of toxic and harmful substances (such as pesticides, cleaning agents, etc.) in the home and designed to protect children's safety packaging. Its structure can ensure that within a reasonable period of time for most children are difficult to open, or difficult to remove the contents.

What are the differences between child resistant packaging and ordinary packaging?

Child resistant closures

Child resistant packaging mainly lies in the difference in the Child-resistant closure (CRC) , the Child-resistant closure (CRC) uses a double-layer structure inside and outside, connected by a slot, if you open the cap need to apply pressure to the outer cap, while driving the inner cap rotation, so as to open the bottle, due to such a way to open the force involved in two directions, due to children's poor physical coordination can not directly open the bottle, can prevent children from accidentally eating drugs.

Child safety packaging on the one hand can prevent children from opening the bottle, on the other hand, in the storage of drugs should also pay attention to the location of storage, to avoid children playing with the bottle.

Design principle of Child-resistant closure (CRC) :

The packaging of food, drugs, cosmetics, chemicals and other substances in the lid set for the inner and outer layers, if only apply force to rotate the outer layer, it is impossible to open the lid. If you open the lid, you need to apply force to the outer layer of the lid and press down on the bottle, while driving the inner layer of the lid to rotate, in order to successfully open the lid. Because of this way of opening involves the application of force in two directions, increasing the difficulty of children to open the lid, thus being able to improve the role of safety.

Custom Child-resistant packaging containers

With exellent and advantaged facilities, 3plastics produce and offers various custom child resistant packaging containers in a range of size, styles and liners, ideal for pharmaceutical packaging, cannabies packaging, or household chemical packaging and more.

Would you like child-resistant packaging for your products?Our custom service procedures: Click Here for reference.

3Plastics's Process and equipment for custom Child resistant packaging containers

With fully automatic injection and blow molding machine, screw extrusion, injection and blow molding process.

With high precision dimensional measuring instrument for dimensional process control, the dimensional accuracy is controlled within 0.2mm.

With fully automatic packaging machine, blow molding directly after packaging, reduce the possible pollution of the product in the middle link.

With 100,000 class production workshop.

Hot flow material process is used in the production process.

3Plastics's Inspection and testing for custom Child resistant packaging containers

1. Equipped with testing capability for appearance, dimensional tolerance, capacity deviation, twisting and breaking torque, temperature resistance, lid opening and closing life, sealing test, dropping performance and transportation simulation experiment, etc.

2. Equipped with dimensional gauges, volumetric gauges, torque meter, electronic balance, constant temperature and humidity chamber, vacuum chamber and other testing equipment.


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