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Custom Plastic Bottle Caps Tops Lids In Different Types And Sizes

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

How Many Types Of Plastic Bottle Caps

Speaking of how many types of plastic bottles caps and custom bottle caps size, we're gonna have to ask ourselves that how many types of plastic bottles? I believe that very few people ever counted, and since plastic bottles were invented, the types of plastic bottles are increasing crazily, the same with caps.

plastic closures for bottles

Although the numbers of plastic bottle caps' types are countless, 3Plastics as a professional plastic packaging manufacturer, spray bottle cap manufacturer, bottle cap manufacturers, child resistant caps manufacturer and more, always classifies them by their material and application. Due to over the past 20 years' experiences of manufacturing plastic bottle caps and aim to meet different clients' custom bottle caps needs worldwide, 3plastics already produced a variety of plastic bottle caps in different bottle cap size, including plain caps, spice jar caps, disc top caps, flip tops, snap top caps, yorker spout caps, dropper tip with caps, plastic caps for bottles... Check the below to know how we classify plastic bottle caps.

Types of Lids From The Aspect Of Material

First, plastic bottles are usually sealed by plastic caps, most of the companies would label their logo on it, according to different needs, the plastic bottles require different plastic

plastic materials

material bottle caps plastic, mostly, we 3plastics use HDPE, LDPE, PP materials to make custom plastic caps, for example, HDPE material is kind of rigid and durable so this material caps can be used many times, maybe you already noticed that the number "2" surrounded by the arrows on the lining of the cap, the "2" stands for HDPE.

LDPE material is a little softer compared to HDPE, these three materials are all food-contact, child-proof and child-resistant caps won't be a problem to us, by the way, the material of plastic bottles are often different than its caps' material.

If you don't know which material is suitable for your bottle caps plastic, you can contact us to submit your question, we will feedback to you with our professional advice. Or click here to see plastic bottle caps from 3plastics.

Types of Lids From The Aspect Of Application

If we use this way to distinguish plastic bottle caps, two items can be made: 1, Dispensing

caps 2, Non-dispensing caps. Non-dispensing plastic caps are easy to understand, the common example is the cap of a beverage or coke bottle. For dispensing plastic caps, there are different types of lids, along with sprayers, droppers, and pumps plastic caps for bottles. The bottle cap size includes 18-410, 20-410, 24-410, 28-410, and more. Click here to learn more about neck finish of bottles, which can help you to select suitable plastic caps for bottles. Our plastic bottle caps already covered the realm of personal care, food, pharmacy, chemical/lab, household, consumable fuels, etc. Below are application examples of some dispensing and non dispensing bottle caps plastic from bottle cap manufacturers.

HDPE ink Plastic bottles with screw cap

Non-dispensing types of lids, plastic screw caps.

Features: By rotating the lid, screwing or loosening the lid. More screw caps include child-resistant caps, and tamper evidence screw caps.

The advantage of this bottle caps plastic: strong self-locking ability, and the lid is not easy to be pulled off. The lid is evenly stressed axially, which is conducive to sealing. Use occasions: High sealing requirements, precise positioning requirements.

Child-resistant Caps

Child resistant caps are a combination of polypropylene, polyethylene as the main raw material, by melting, injection molding, cooling molding cap, and polyethylene terephthalate, polypropylene, polyethylene as raw material, by melting, injection molding, blow molding process production of packaging plastic bottles, its main use as food, drugs, health products packaging children resistant childproof safety packaging containers.

Looking for child resistant caps manufacturer?

Shampoo bottles with Dispensing lotion pumps

shampoo bottles

As a common packaging accessory, emulsion pumps plastic caps for bottles are widely used in daily skincare packaging, and shampoo bottle packaging. Whether customers choose emulsion pump products or manufacturers recommend emulsion pumps bottle caps plastic to end customers, factors such as bottle size, bottle cap size, material compatibility, material viscosity/liquidity, pumping volume, and packaging form need to be considered.

fine mist spray bottles

Fine Mist Sprayer Dispensing Plastic caps for bottles:

A spray pump, also known as a sprayer, is the main supporting product for cosmetic containers, applied to perfume, gel water, air freshener, and other water and essence products. It is a kind of using the principle of atmospheric balance, through the pressure of the bottle of material liquid spray, getting the liquid atomization effect. When Customers choose spray bottles or spray bottle cap manufacturer, factors such as bottle size, bottle cap size, material compatibility, material viscosity/liquidity, and packaging form need to be considered.

Trigger Spray plastic caps for bottles

Trigger sprayers bottle caps plastic are mainly used in the household and cleaning industry, and are commonly used for spraying liquids in order to atomize them into fine droplets, which can be used for spraying flowers and watering, disinfection, pest control, hygiene cleaning, etc. in household, agricultural and medical applications. Click Here to Learn more about spray bottles and spray bottle cap manufacturer.

ldpe dropper bottles with twist cap

Drop Tip dispensing plastic caps for bottles

High quality LDPE Squeeze bottle and twist to cap or yorker top design, smaller opening, easy to control the amount. Used as Painted Bottle Caps Ink Bottle Caps Hairspray Caps Plastic Bottle Caps, Spiked Caps and more.

dispensing cosmetic bottles

More Dispensing Caps: Disc Lid, Flip lid Plastic Caps for Bottles

According to the way to open includes: Disc lid, flip lid, lift the lid (butterfly cover), screw cap, buckle cover, plug hole cover, diversion cover, etc.. These custom bottle caps plastic are one of the tools of contents dispenser in cosmetic packaging, except for lotion pumps and sprayers, which are widely used in cream bottles, shampoo, shower gel, hose, and other products.

Custom-made for you

If you want to make your own design plastic bottles and custom bottle caps, we have a professional custom-

made process, please tell us your design of bottle caps plastic and custom bottle caps size, or submit a custom quote here, our engineer will work them out for you.

You can choose us as your spray bottle cap manufacturer, bottle cap manufacturers, child resistant caps manufacturer of plastic caps for bottles, 3plastics is ODM/OEM supplier too, we have cooperated with various companies, such as Nestle, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Disney, Shisedo, Abbot Laboratories, and Quiznos...

About the decoration, the Labeling and printing are totally up to your custom bottle caps. Most importantly, if you are going to place an order online, you will get a discount on the first order. Click here to shop now.


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