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Custom Plastic Bottle Caps

Sanle - Your Expert in Dispensing Closures and Caps

Zhejiang Sanle plastic was one of custom cosmetic packaging manufacturers with over 25 years of experience in this business, we know how to create the packaging you’ll need . As we known,In the packaging industries,custom plastic caps are as important as the product itself. With this belief in mind, we have developed all kinds of custom plastic caps .Such as plastic cap, spray pump, cream pump, foaming pumps. And as one of the custom cosmetic containers expert,We will recommend suitable caps for our customers according to their requirements, and customize the most perfect appearance.


Different Types of Caps Screw Caps


Ordinary plastic screw cap:

It is the most common cap as JF-014-1, also can do any shape as spherical as JF-011-1, rose flower shape as YFA-233-1.

Child Resistant Caps

Child Resistant Caps

The pressure screw cap also called Child resistant cap . This cap opens in a very special way ,it need press and screw to open it ,it usually used for medicine bottle,in order to avoid children open the bottle and eat the inside goods in mistake.

Theft-proofing Caps

tamper evident cap

Plastic guard against theft cover asks to facilitate consumer to open namely, need to avoid again because seal performance is poor and bring about the occurrence of leak problem. There is a ring under the theft-proofing cap. After the cap been assembled on the bottle,once it is removed that the the ring under the lid will break. This is to make sure that no one has opened the product before. The cap usually used for Medicines and Beverages.

Long Tip Spout Cap for Squeeze Bottles

 Long Tip Spout Cap for Squeeze Bottles

Plastic long tip nozzle cap: Have a long nozzle and a small cap to close; The small can together with nozzle cap and JF-141-1 or separated as JF-004 & JF-003.

Plastic Twist Top Caps

Plastic Twist Top Caps

Plastic twist open/off nozzle tops, can be used to dispense a small amount of product to a targeted area and are available in varying sizes. They are great for dispensing many products such as condiments, paints, and glues

Plastic Push Pull Bottle Caps

Plastic Push Pull Bottle Caps

This push-pull cap allows for easy dispensing of the beverage housed inside of your bottle. Pull up on the cap to dispense, push back down to close the bottle.

Flip Top Caps

plastic flip top caps

Most of the flip top caps for bottles and cans are made out of PP (polypropylene), they are various on few types like ordinary flip top caps, disc top press top caps, and Plastic polytop caps. Flip top caps are best for dispensing a variety of liquid or various products like cosmetics like lotions and creams, paint, pharmaceuticals, and medications.

Plastic Sprayers & Pumps

plastic sprayers and pumps

The most common types of spray bottles are trigger sprayers and finger sprayers. Trigger sprayers typically have an adjustable nozzle on them which can be used to vary the fineness and volume of product sprayed. Finger sprayers use an up and down pumping motion on the spray actuator to release product and are typically for finer mist applications.

How to Choose Caps for Bottles?

The normal cap specifications are: 18-410, 20-410,24-410,28-410,28-415....etc.

Screw thread cap sizes are generally expressed in two numbers. The first number refer to the cap diameter(in millimeters) and the corresponding Glass Packaging Institue(GPI) / Society of the Plastic Industry(SPI) finish diameter. The second number refers to the height and thread configuration of the closure or finish. Below is a selection of commonly used caps and finishes.

  • S-Thread Start: The distance between the top of the finish to the top of the thread

  • H-Finish Height: Height from the top of the finish to the bottom where it intersects with the shoulder

  • T-Major Diameter: Outside diameter of the continuous thread

  • E-Minor Diameter: Outside diameter of the finish shaft excluding thread

  • I-Hole Diameter: The inside diameter of the finish at the smallest possible point

  • L-The distance between the top of the finish to the top of the transfer bead(optional)

  • W-The thickness of the transfer bead(optional)

So, the cap size should be selected according to the size of the bottle mouth. This is an important factor in choosing a cap.

Sanle accept product customization, with our existing model or

design new model are ok. Learn more for custom bottle design and manufacturing service.

Color Customization

Any color which you want we can do for you, including the normal color in Pantone card, Special effect color such as cap in sandblasting which has a scrub effect in the surface or in plating

Chrome Plating / Electric Plating

It is commonly used for plating on caps at present, such as GFA-564-3 / GFA-524-1, the effect is very bright, very beautiful. We are trying to do a variety of different colors of Chrome Plating / Electric Plating according to the customer's customization.

custom colors of the cap

Printing Customization

Silk Screen Printing: Our company’s printing departments have proven technique for printing flat caps, using both conventional and UV printing technology. Silkscreen offers bright, firm color for striking.

Customers can provide the print artwork directly or general reference pictures,we have a special design department can adjust the print artwork for process.

Gold Stamping

Characterized by clear design, beautiful, bright colors, wear resistance, weather resistance. The normal color is hot gold and hot sliver, other have hot red. The requirement is that the surface must be flat.


Usually we used are coated paper and synthetic paper,it need be labeling to the bottle by hand . Label artwork offer by customers also, we can adjust for process.

The surface of jars or lids must be flat which want be labeled, learn more about printing & labeling service here.

Quality Control

As professional china plastic caps manufacturers, We have a special department of quality inspection, regular or irregular sampling inspection of product quality. Strict quality control procedures are carried out at all stages of production, Sanle gained the trust of customers base on strict quality management system.

New Environmental Protection Material

As a support enterprise for environmental action, Sanle have successfully developed production using environmentally friendly or biodegradable materials as PLA, PCR materials, And trying to develop more new environmental protection materials application in production.

Sanle as an excellent local enterprise with government support, has been developing through constant innovation. We can accept any customization of plastic caps, new designs and sizes. We have a professional design team to serve customers.

As an expertise packaging manufacturer and comprehensive solutions partner, we will always provide with high-quality products, premium services, and custom design solutions, to help you to build your own brand and stand ahead of the crowd.

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