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Are you looking for the unique plastic container for product packaging? Or only have an idea in the mind? And want your product packaging perfect enough that set you apart from competition?

3Plastics can help you through whole process, from the concept right through to the realization, and finally launch your product. As a professional plastic packaging manufacturers, we experienced in custom plastic bottles and containers design and manufacturing for more than 20 years. Our creativity and flexibility in design and manufacturing plastic package benefits customers a lot.

. Professional suggestions on your custom plastic bottles, like volume, color, neck finish, etc.

. Custom plastic containers could be delivered with a short time, you can get engineer drawing and 3D prototype within a week.

. Plastic bottles manufacturing and decorating all in one stop.

. Product cost reduction, package optimized continually, quality and production efficiency insured.

Click here to get custom quote. Or email us at to get technical drawing for free now.

Example of bottle technical drawing - 3plastics


Step 1

Concept - Let Us Know How You Expect?

Tell us your idea for your product, and we will work with you from the ground up. Apparent issues will raise up and we'll consult with you and iron all the issues out. And some must elements would be required, such as custom plastic container shape, color, capacity, clarity, capacity, branding decorating , what kind of closures, etc. Click here to get our custom quote for your one of a kind custom cosmetic packaging, beverage containers , sauce bottles, or cleaning container .

Step 2

Engineering Drawing and 3D Renderings

In this step you can see a very close approximation of what the final piece will look like, and it only take about one week. Our professional engineers work on all the details of the features of the custom plastic bottles and make them mechanical digitized. Your 3D modeling could be printed out after all the features been rendered out.

Step 3

Custom Mold Building

To get your custom plastic bottles manufactured precisely, molding would be built as a preparation for mass production on the machine. Blow molding or injection molding depends on the different type of the plastic bottles. Generally blow molding could be used for plastic containers in regular shape, while injection molding used for the containers in unique shapes, as well as the plastic jars, plastic boxes and plastic parts.

Step 4

Prototypes - Sample Provided

In this step, your idea really starts to come to a reality. Several samples would be prototyped with the ready-made molding. And you could take them into compatibility tests, and even share with your customers for market tests. And at this time, you could give us your suggestion on the samples, we are capable to change any detail of the molding, until you get the custom plastic container that satisfied with you.

Step 5

Mass Production - Manufacturing and Brand Decorating

Plastic containers will take into production in our workshop, quality strictly controlled during the whole manufacturing process. And branding decorating would be executed after containers finished. Our skilled workshop team holds themselves to the highest standards, and we strive to make every piece with perfect quality. Each and every bottles in your hands goes through a rigorous system of quality-control checks to make sure they exceed our high standards of perfection.

Step 6

Launch Your Product

With our custom design and manufacturing service, your dream product packaging come to a reality successfully. And product could be filled in and launch them to market. We're sure that your product and brand would be outstanding in the crowd.


Click here to get custom quote. Or email us at to get technical drawing for free.


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