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Custom Shampoo Bottles

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Shampoo Bottles to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Types of bulk shampoo bottles with the improvement of people's living standards and the high requirements for their own image, the demand for shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel is also increasing. There are so many different shampoo brands out there. In order to expand the sales of their products, each enterprise is in fierce market competition. In order to occupy a place, the packaging of shampoo and detergent is even more difficult. Therefore, more and more brands choose to custom shampoo bottles with the best aesthetics.

Sanle plastics has specialized in custom shampoo bottle design and manufacturing service since 1993. We had manufactured and offered plastic shampoo packaging in a variety of shapes, including items appropriate for cosmetics, hair care, body wash and lotions for clients all over the world. The bulk shampoo bottles we manufactured various in several sizes, from small cylinder bottles to square, large round, bulk-sized items. Rich colors provide several choices for shampoo packaging bottle display. Top styles ranging from caps to pivot spouts provide many dispensing options.

Types of Shampoo Bottles

Below you can find some different shapes we have done for the bulk shampoo bottle.

Boston Round Shampoo Bottles, Custom Pump Bottles

Boston round bulk shampoo bottles, which normally have a very general neck finish like 20/410 24/410 28/410 can match with lotion pumps, flip-top caps, screw cap, and more. For this shape wholesale shampoo bottles we have small shampoo bottle sizes from 30ml 60ml 100ml 120ml 180ml 240ml.500ml,750ml, and 1000ml.

custom shampoo bottle

As you can see we can do custom colors for this custom-printed shampoo bottle like pink, red, blue, black shampoo bottle, amber green shampoo bottles, or any color according to your request. These custom pump bottles are perfect for your shampoo and conditioner packaging. We have a Pantone color book that includes thousands of colors. And there will be a Pantone number for each color. The number is International in general. So it is suitable for people all around the world. All the colors in this book can produce your shampoo bottle design. Also for Boston round wholesale shampoo bottles, we have a gloss finish and matte finish for your choice.

Cylindrical Custom Pump Bottles, Plastic Shampoo, and Conditioner Bottles

custom shampoo bottles black

Cylindrical Custom Pump Bottles, as Plastic Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles, which are made from PET, HDPE, or LDPE plastic. The custom shampoo bottles come in a variety of colors as you can see from the above pic. It also has have a wide variety capacity of wholesale shampoo bottles for your choice we have 30ml,60ml,120ml,240ml,500ml, and 1000ml, If what you want not inside our existing design. We can make shampoo packaging bottles mold for you. We have design and mold department and make custom shampoo and conditioner bottles according to your request.

Cosmo Round Custom Pump Bottles, Plastic Shampoo Bottles

Cosmo round plastic shampoo bottles’ feature is a round shoulder, long straight sides, and a round base.It is a normal shape but when make the customized wholesale Shampoo Bottles in custom colors and add your logo on these shampoo bottles make them shine on the shelves. The large surface area of the black shampoo bottle allows ample room for a custom logo.

Black Shampoo Bottles

For these kinds of custom shampoo bottles, there are many ways to customise your logo and shampoo bottle design. Such as screen print(Which use for simple logo design and logo color for 2-3 color .For this method One color printing is used the most often) , hot stamp(for this print you can get shiny sliver,shiny golden logo .which is suitable for these simple logo ), heat transfer(Which use for Complex logo pattern, including gradient, more than 4 colors . But the cost relatively high and MOQ request is also high) ,labeling(Which use for Complex logo pattern, including gradient, more than 4 colors .The wholesale shampoo bottles cost relatively low and don’t have big MOQ ) etc. Besides this custom black shampoo bottle also with wide variety of closure types available-flip top cap ,child-resistant cap, flip spout cap, lock-down lotion pump, spouted cap,screw cap, among others.When match with different cap the function of this custom printed bulk shampoo bottles will be different.

Square Plastic Shampoo Bottles, Custom Pump Bottles

square shampoo bottles

Square plastic shampoo bottles are square bottles, which are an ideal way to store and dispense many products, and are available in several sizes to suit your need. Compared with round bulk shampoo bottles of the same size, square bottles can save shelf and counter space.These custom shampoo bottles are great for packaging products like cosmetics, hair care products, bady shower product, shampoo, conditioner, Bath products, moisturizing products etc. For this bottle also can match with different caps.

Foaming Soap Dispenser Shampoo Bottles

The foaming soap shampoo dispenser foam pump bottle is a container specifically designed for dispensing shampoo in a foamy texture.

type of shampoo bottles

It usually consists of a plastic bottle with a pump mechanism that creates a rich, creamy lather from the shampoo inside.

The bottle is typically made of durable, lightweight plastic and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The pump mechanism is designed to draw in air as well as the shampoo, creating a foam that is easy to apply and distribute throughout the hair. Foaming bottles for shampoo are convenient and easy to use, requiring only a few pumps to create a rich, luxurious lather. They are also economical, as they help to reduce waste and allow for better control over the amount of shampoo used per wash.

Small Shampoo Bottles and Conditional Containers

Small shampoo bottles for your shampoo and conditioner packaging or refillable travel shampoo packaging bottles. Fill it with your favorite shampoo, body wash, conditioner, hand soap, lotion, or other liquid personal care.

it can be fit with leakproof flip caps, lotion pumps, screw caps, disc caps depends on your usage. Check out our high quality, durable, stylish small bulk shampoo bottles.

Special Shape Shampoo Bottles

plastic packaging shampoo bottles

Except above normal shape shampoo bottles we also can offer custom shampoo and conditioner bottles in special shape to meet your need. We’ve been providing the custom and consulting, design and manufacturing for thousands customer since 1993. Black shampoo bottle for men or for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our bathroom shops. Our salesman can give you some professional suggestion to help you to make your envisioned bulk shampoo bottles into reality.

We can develop the mold according to your sample and shampoo bottle design we can make a bottle mold according to your drawing or simple draft . Even you only have a idea we can help you to make it. With us you can easy to get a Ideal shampoo and conditioner packaging. Except we can make mold As one of the plastic containers expert, We can do Silk-Screen printing, hot stamping, spray coating, frosting, shrink sleeve labeling and pressure-sensitive labeling are all services we that proudly offer to cosmetic companies and start-ups.

How to Choose the Right Material for Your Shampoo Bottles

Choose from PET, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, and PVC plastic shampoo bottles that are ideal for shampoo and conditioner bottles. Each plastic shares common qualities with the others, as well as unique traits of their own. PET shampoo bottles, for example, are clear and impact-resistant. HDPE has high flexibility. MDPE has high shock resistance when dropped. Match your shampoo packaging bottles with the best material.

Use clear selections with disk top caps to attractively display semi-liquid items like moisturizers and lotions. HDPE bullet shampoo bottles feature round bases that provide stability, and prevent unwanted product spillage resulting from falls. Tough MDPE plastic bulk shampoo bottles offer outstanding impact resistance, and are useful for packaging bath products and other items frequently handled with wet hands. Choose from several color options, including purple, amber, and green, to create lively shelf displays.

Various Materials of Shampoo Bottles

HDPE shampoo bottles, custom pump bottles

We now have the hdpe Shampoo bottle, available in different colors and with different types of LIDS, such as capping, lotion pump, spray, flip, etc.

Custom HDPE shampoo bottles

The other wholesale shampoo bottles is in the shape of an arch, the sizes include 100ml, 250ml and 500ml. Can be customized with different colors, with different types of the screw cap, flip caps, Disc cap, emulsion pumps, etc.

The bulk shampoo bottles are made from HDPE and are used in a wide range of applications.If you need a pink, blue, green, yellow, white, any color you like, send us pictures or pantone color number, we can customize for you. Of course, if you need to print logo, design, writing instructions, we can use screen printing, hot stamping technology, heat transfer, label, to printing on the shampoo bottle design, customize a unique shampoo bottle. View More

Custom PET shampoo and conditioner bottles

custom PET shampoo and conditioner bottles

PET material is very transparent, you can clearly see the bottle of shampoo products in the capacity. And you can make color, white, black shampoo bottle, pink shampoo bottles, green shampoo bottles, as long as you like to send us, can be customized.Of course, LOGO printing, patterns, bronzing, labeling, can also be customized.Here, we can customize your unique shampoo bottle for you.The picture below is a clear, green, pink, and amber PET shampoo bottle with a lotion pump. Of course you can choose different types of lids you like. View More

PETG plastic packaging shampoo bottles

Another material is the PETG shampoo bottle, which has excellent weather resistance, it can keep the product tough and prevent yellowing. It contains ultraviolet absorbent, which can be co-extruded into a protective layer to protect the plate from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. And in the process of processing, transportation and use with sufficient bearing capacity, help to prevent rupture. Therefore, it is widely used in packaging bottles of shampoo, hair care products and detergent. View More

Custom Shampoo Packaging Bottle Services

As one of professional shampoo bottle manufacturers , From the sales channels of hair care industry, different channels sell brands with different positioning. Supermarkets and hypermarkets have a low positioning and mainly sell low-end brands. Department stores and single-brand stores have a higher brand positioning, mainly selling high-end brands, while franchise stores mainly sell mid-end brands.

Online sales brand positioning is relatively rich, ranging from middle to low end to high-end. So we can provide the different kinds of custom shampoo and conditioner bottles to fit the difference market inquiry.

We have our own design department and mold department , can make the customized shampoo bottles according to customer’s sample or drawing . If do not have sample or drawing , it is also ok to send the details or idea, we have our own design department , can design it according to the customer’s requirement. Contact Us to get your shampoo and conditioner packaging now.

Different industries need high-quality packaging materials to increase their value. As a result, modern shampoos and hair care products are packaged in a variety of forms, types, and designs. Plastic shampoo bottles in the design, printing, material selection, molding process and other aspects have been rapidly improved, in the shampoo and conditioner packaging and hair care products more and more widely used. Due to different age, gender, occupation, culture, and economic level, consumers' shopping psychology is also different. So a lot of shampoo packaging bottles needs to be customized to adapt to different product needs. Custom shampoo bottle printing service is available from shampoo bottle manufacturers. Different sizes of bottles have different mould, many shampoo and conditioner bottles need to printing the patterns and words. usually, a version can print all the content, if it is a square or irregular bottle type, may need two versions, or even more.

Silk Screen Printing

Shampoo bottle manufacturers' printing department can decorate round, flat and flat-oval bottles and offer multi-pass printing of several colours to very tight tolerances, using both conventional and UV printing technology. Silkscreen offers bright, firm colours for striking designs. Sanle Plastics has the label paste machine. Can offers pressure-sensitive, roll-fed, orientated labeling in all different sizes. Equipment is engineered to ensure a high degree of accuracy and repeatability of label placement, including spot labels, base labels on jars and wraparound labels on bottles and tubes.

Custom Shampoo Bottle Label for Shampoo and Conditioner Packaging

Excpet to printing on shampoo bottles, we also provide shampoo bottle label design service. Customers can custom shampoo bottle label, select their favorite shampoo bottle label design, give us the label to produce, and attach the customized label to the bottle or lid. In addition, if you need custom printed shampoo bottles, the shampoo bottle manufacturers do not have the exact same mold, the shampoo bottle manufacturers can open a new set of mold for you to produce the plastic packaging shampoo bottles you want. Meet all the shampoo and conditioner packaging requirements you need.

Sample Free

Of course, for most customers, not only the quality of shampoo bottles needs to be good, but the price is also very important. Because we are one of professional shampoo bottle manufacturers, our prices will be at an advantage over most trading companies that are not manufacturers. Besides, samples are provided free of charge for customers' reference of product quality, ODM and OEM services are provided, customization is accepted, and we are committed to producing satisfactory custom shampoo and conditioner bottles for customers.

About Us

As a professional manufacturer of plastic shampoo packaging, we has been offering shampoo bottle design, customized shampoo packaging for various industries, clients includes Nestle, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Disney, Shisedo, among many others. Because 3Plastics boasts advanced design, development, and manufacturing to match any industry peer worldwide. We deliver packaging solutions and results, doing so with fast, exceptional service that never fails to be polite, friendly and sincere. 3Plastics manufacturing capacity is millions of pieces per month of any item you may require.

With excellent in-house shampoo bottle design, R&D, and testing 3Plastics can customize your shampoo packaging bottles for function, style, or coloration including decoration, labeling and printing. Along with clients and independently, we conduct extensive market research and testing to ensure each item is what the end-user actually wants and needs. Not that it takes long or requires a big commitment from you though, as we offer fast lead times and free samples. Contact with our expert now!


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