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Exciting Offers And Long-Term Benefits For Customers Of Chinese Plastic Bottles Manufacturer

Hangzhou, China—10/06/2021—New customers of Zhejiang Sanle Plastic Co. Ltd, one of China's most popular plastic bottle manufacturers, are in for a treat. The company has announced a $200 offer for new customers- a savings of 15%. Sanle Plastics are custom plastic bottle manufacturers for over 27 years and has gained a worldwide reputation, visible from its collaboration with world-famous companies like Nestle, Abbott, Clinique, Quiznos, DisneyChannel, and Asvel, to name a few.

One-stop destination for all things plastic

If customers wonder why they should use this discount, the company's products will provide the answer. Salne Plastics is the one-stop destination for all things plastic. They offer awide range of customizations for products like bottles, cosmetic packaging,jars, and more. However, Salne's product line is not restricted to custom-madeplastic bottles; it also produces customized bottles for customized bottles.Clients could choose from sprayers, droppers, pumps, spouts, flip tops, disctops, and many other designs to match their plastic bottles.

Customers get to choose from three different categories of plastics: Containers, Closures, and Accessories. Bottles, Jugs, Vials, Boxes, and Jars are included in the Container category. Dispensing caps, non-dispensing caps, droppers, sprayers,and pumps are the entrants in the Plastic Closures category, and funnels, mugs,beer openers, and spoons make up the plastic accessories category. All items are relatively cheap than those on the market, and it will be more affordablewith the discount for new customers.

Sanle Plastics is known for its commitment to quality control and ensures that only the best products leave its factory line. The company manufactures plastics from polypropylene HDPE,LDPE, and more. It allows other custom plastic manufacturers to collaborate and help realize their vision for the bottles. The company handles the manufactureof plastic bottles of any size, shape, or color. Various bottles are given unique aesthetic and technical enhancements, and the company also offers neckbands for its produces to ensure greater customer confidence. Sanle Plastics ensures that customers get the quality they pay for.

Additionally, new customers who may be impressed with the workings of Sanle Plastics have the chance to collaborate with the design team and in-house graphic designers to customizetheir bottles, labels, logos, and boxes. Salne Plastics are among the few plastic manufacturers in China to roll out their products while helping customers roll out their plastic products.

Salne Plastics provides services for manufacturing and decorating under one roof. Customers only have to send a custom quote to the company, providing specifications like the numberof bottles needed, the shape of the bottle and the cap, its color, capacity,the material with which it has to be made, the purpose for which it is to beused and other customer specifics. The team at Salne Plastics will get in touchwith the customer soon.

Brand Decoration

printed shampoo bottles

The company is specializedin the printing and labeling of plastic bottles of all shapes, sizes, andcolors. The company has a value-added printing and decoration service thatensures that customers who chose Salne Plastics get to save money and timewhile standing out from the rest of the competition. Salne Plastics does all its work with the latest technology that can surpass that of established competitors globally and is one of the reasons it is reputed and trusted bymany. The company uses a pressure-sensitive labeling technique or a shrink sleevelabeling technique. Colors can be effectively applied on plastic surfaces witha pressure-sensitive label. Shrink sleeve labels made out of PET filmare heated to blend with the plastic surface.

Screen printing decoration service is the most popular decoration service at Salne Plastics. Any number of colors can be applied against the plastic surface with this method. However,one or two colors are ideally preferred. The colors are placed on aphoto-sensitive screen and then placed against the surface. Most importantly,the technique can apply colors on any plastic surface, including PET, HDPE,LDPE, PET, PETG, and others. If customers need designsfor dark-shaded plastic containers, Sanle Plastics' hot stamping labeling technique is the answer. The hot stamping technique makes the logo shiny andstands out, and usually, gold and silver colors are used. Gold and silver foilsblend into the logo after they are applied with pressure and heat. The gold and silver colors are popularly used in cosmetic packages. Heat Transfer Printing,also known as thermal transfer printing, is another decoration service offeredby Salne Plastics. The designs are put in reverse, and then it is pressedagainst the surface. The end-product has a label-like finish that cannot bepeeled off the surface.

Suppose customers feel thats creen printing is not for them. In that case, Salne Plastics has a backupservice to offer- offset printing service. Like screen printing, multiplecolors can be applied simultaneously. However, colors are transferred to arotating wheel from a blanket, unlike in screen printing.

Cutting-edge technology, commitment to quality control on all products,and ensuring that their customers are satisfied with their products ensure that Salne Plastics are among the best custom plastic bottle manufacturers in China.

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