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How Can We Make Your Plastic Containers Stand Out From Others

Solution 1: Product diversity

Before I elaborate on what do we do that can make your products stand out from the market, we both wanted to know if your needs are in our line of business.

From 1998 to today, we 3Plastics started from plastic container factory, till now, become an industry and trade integration company, specialized in plastic bottles, plastic jars, plastic boxes, jugs, and various plastic closures, some other plastic accessories for decades.

In the middle of these years, we cooperated with many well-known brands, and became a few of their OEM/ODM supplier, we gained experiences and technic in years, our products already served a wide range of industry field, like food, personal care, chemical/lab, household, pharmaceutical/nutritional, etc. On the other hand, except plastic products, we exploited other package areas, such as acrylic material products, cosmetic packaging aluminum oxide products, and parts.

And besides, if you are going to re-invent, improve or custom design your products to expand a new niche in the market, you will be glad to see the next.

Solution 2: Custom design

Since we received a lot of requests of clients own designed blueprint, or they got ideas in mind, asked if we can make them realistic, we realized if we 3Plastics want to meet their needs, custom design is a core part of plastic container industry in future ahead.

Now, based on the experiences in plastic containers manufacture and years of effort, our engineers acquired the whole sophisticated process of custom made, you can send us custom quote here, give it a try, you would get the technical drawing for free that may surprises you a lot.

Or you want to see more details about the custom design, click here to have a look.

Solution 3: Printing and labeling

"Our plastic container isn't special in shape, any other ways we can stand out from competitors?"

...yes, labeling and printing is a good way to differentiate your products from others, and most of the clients didn't pay much attention to this, all I want to say, these details are always what we concerned about, we will give you the advice about the appropriate size and we use the standard Pantone color, the finished products would look exactly the same as you expected.

if you have any other questions, please contact us immediately, I assure you that more surprises are waiting for you

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