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Top 10 Skincare Bottle Design Ideas: A List of Custom Skincare Bottles for Your Inspiration

“The global cosmetic packaging market size to be valued at USD 35.9 billion by 2025, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8% during the forecast period.”

By application, the cosmetic packaging cosmetic type categories into: Hair Care, Skin Care,Nail Care,Make-up. The skin care segment has contributed highest market share of 52% in 2021.

The New Crown epidemic swept the world in 2020, affecting the production and distribution of the global skin care industry. Foresight believes that in 2022, the New Crown epidemic will be brought under some control, the industry will have a small rebound, and the market size of the global skin care industry is expected to reach US$280.9 billion by 2027.

Unchanging cosmetic packaging may not achieve the desired sales effect. Packaging is the face of a brand, a beautiful packaging design can be produced to effectively attract the audience's eyes, a good cosmetic set design can directly affect the brand's position in the market, a good packaging design, but also represents your company's values.

We would like to share with you creative, individual and subtle cosmetic packaging designs with high value and substance. We hope to inspire you in the industry, to add inspiration to your designers, and to bring you spiritual and aesthetic pleasure.

1. Scented Hand Cream Collection

The large round custom lotion bottles is designed to increase the dosage, and the press-on design makes it more convenient for the consumer and optimises the application experience. The most distinctive feature

custom lotion bottles

2. Skincare range

The floral skincare range has a more youthful image that meets the aesthetic needs of today's consumers. The vibrant colours and flowers create a romantic and beautiful atmosphere, which makes people want to use the products. Custom lotion bottles can help you to realize the floral skincare packaging.

custom lotion bottles

3. Children's skincare packaging

We will now share one of our baby skincare products that is also fresh in style, with a specific user group in mind to provide a sense of security for babies and children. The foaming custom lotion bottles can be reduce the usage of lotions.

custom lotion bottles

4.Simple, lightweight, technological Skincare packaging

Rigour and purity at the same time add to the beauty of the products, thus giving the overall packaging a minimalist and luxurious look for your shampoo bottles , custom lotion bottles.

square shampoo bottles

5. Lightweight Skincare Packaging

Smaller packaging cosmetics are gradually expanding their product range, including small jars ,dropper bottles, of film, capsule lipsticks, capsule masks and single-dose foundations, make-up removers, hair masks and mouthwashes, etc.

dropper bottles

6. Fully Transparent Skincare Packaging

The use of acrylic, PETG and other materials of fully transparent packaging is becoming one of the most popular packaging, This type of packaging can show the capacity and contents of the product more visually, and the fashion of the packaging comes more from the colour change of the contents and the material body.

custom lotion bottles

7.Airless Skincare Packaging

The contents of the vacuum bottle are completely isolated from the air, preventing oxidation and bacteria from growing in contact with the air, and enhancing the product with its high-tech concept.

8.Nature-inspired skincare packaging design

Skincare Packaging design of Custom lotion bottles, shampoo bottles that originates from nature celebrates ecological civilisation, guides consumers' awareness of green consumption and environmental protection, and enhances the natural relevance of man and nature.

custom lotion bottles

9.Greener Paper Packaging

New packaging materials that are green, environmentally friendly and reusable are becoming the new choice for companies. Among them, pulp plastic film (plant fiber plastic film) packaging in the cosmetics market is rising in popularity.

10. Plastic reduction and sustainability

Reusable and replaceable skincare packaging has become a major idea in sustainable packaging innovation. Reusable and replaceable eco-packaging is used in water, cream and essence products.

As you can see, most skincare packaging is based on a simple, clean style, complemented by appropriate colours and graphic embellishments to make the product feel more at home and more at ease and comfortable for consumers to use. Of course, each style has its own advantages, and we should also look at the emergence of new styles objectively, to break the stereotype of skincare products, personality, creativity and high value design, but more likely to attract young consumers, it should be noted that for audiences of different ages, products will be differentiated in terms of packaging and temperament, to capture the specificity of consumer groups, the product will naturally have its own style.

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