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Skin Care Lotions

Skin Care Packaging Ideas 


3Plastics is a leading skin care packaging products manufacturer, specialized in manufacture and development of primary skin care packaging containers,bottles, jars and closures for lotions, oils, gels, serums and creams. With over 25 yeara of manufcaturing and design experience, we know custom skin care packaging like the back of our hand. 3Plastics provides high-quality, durable, reusable, recyle, BPA free material skin care packaging containers. The products and services are met with in the regulatory includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BSCI audit and more. The variety style of plastic shampoo bottles,lotion bottles cream jars and different closures are sure to meet wide range of style and skin care packaging needs. In addition,  we can custom design and mould service  to make your idea into reality.

Select from our popular skin care packaging containers, or just send us your specific requirements and our specilists will send you samples of the skin care product packaging.


Cream Jar Packaging Containers

Plastic jars are perfect containers for skin care packaging ideas,which can contain creams, lotions, skin cleasing, body scrub ,hair wax or other skincare packaging products. The plastic cream jar packaging containers are available in different volumes from 5 ml up to 500 ml or 1000ml. 3Plastics, one of the skincare jar manufacturers,  use a varietly range of materials for the jars including PP jars, PET jars, acrylic jars and more. Cream jar packagins normally come with a pp liners, sensitive gasket, or aluminum foil to provent the inner contents from dust or germs. The decorative process of skin care product packaging including hot stamping, silk screen printing, heat transfer printing ,mmetalized, emboss, deboss, spray finish, anodized, labels and more. Contact us to get your unique cream jar packaging containers for your skin care packaging now!

PP Cream Jars Packaging Skin Care


PP material has the character of good resistance to thermal, fatigue, and fats or most organic solvents, so the PP plastic jar is of skincare jar manufacturers often used as cream jars and other skin care product packaging. The types of the pp jar could be single-walled, double-walled, dome round, bowl shape, straight side, and more. The pp jar is one of the best packaging for skin care products.

double wall white pp jars

Double Wall PP Dome Round Jars

These double wall jars are made of polypropylene PP material.It has a dome cap and pp liner, Volumes range from 5ml to 500ml, widely used for your skincare products.


Straight Sided PP Cream Jars 

These polypropylene straight sided pp plastic jar is ideal for your skincare packaging.Volumes range from 5ml to 500ml, widely used for your skincare products.

bowl shape cream jars

Single Wall PP Bow Shape Cream Jars

Special bowl shape cream jars are ideal for your body cream, body scrub, hair wax, or other skincare packaging.

Skin Care Packaging Ideas-PET Cream Jar Packaging

Pet material looks like clear glass, but it has the properties of barrier, unbreakable and lightweight which is convenient for transport. The skin care packaging products can be shown if you use clear PET cream jar packaging. Meanwhile, by using color masterbatches, skincare jar manufacturers can make the PET jars in numerous colors as per the customer's requirements. The amber, green or black PET jars is good for sensitive products packaging. The PET jars is  the most popular and also one of the best packaging for skin care product packaging.
3Plastics offers PET jars in various sizes from 10ml up to 1 liters, the standard neck finishes 48-400, 63-400, 70-400, or 89-400 fitting different plastic and aluminum lids. Decoration like a matte finish or electroplated lid is also available.

Acrylic cream jars for skin care packaging

The acrylic plastic jar from skincare jar manufacturers is most used for the high-end cosmetic and skin care packagings, the material thickness, and its clear apperance is also very like glass jars, but it have a beeter price advantage than glass jars.


Press Pump Airless Acrylic Jars

 Press pump acrylic airless cream jar skin care product packaging. Sizes include 15ml, 30ml 50ml, Airless design with good sealing and isolation of air.

airless cream jars

Gold Airless Cosmetic Jars

Another type of airless jar for skin care product packaging. Easy to fill, can be used to contain natural ingredients facial cream, eye cream, etc.

Acrylic Cream Jars

Double Wall Acrylic Cream Jars

Acrylic jars with an inner pp plastic cup, used for high-end eye cream, face cream, sunscreen cream, skin care packaging

Plastic Bottle Skin Care Packaging Ideas

With more than 25years of manufacturing experience, 3plastics can supply HDPE bottles, PET bottles, PP bottles, heavy wall plastic bottles, skincare plastic bottles, personal care plastic bottles, shampoo bottle packaging,spa containers, hair salon bottles, serum bottles, and more in a variety of different styles and volumes packaging for skin care products, like Boston round, cosmo round, square, oval, sizes from 10ml up to 1000ml. Standard neck finish of bottles compatible with sprayers, lotion pumps, foam pumps, and disc top caps, and more useful dispensing closures for skin care packaging, private label hair care packaging, shampoo packaging, body care, hair care, personal care needs.
Excellent in-house decorating capabilities and advanced facilities allow us to provide high-quality made skincare packaging products. We provide customized printing and labeling for your brand decoration as well.

Below are some of the most inspiring plastic bottes for skin care packaging designs, Contact us to get your unique bottle skin care packaging containers now!

Popular lotion packaging and shampoo bottle packaging

Variety shape of PET, HDPE plastic bottles in volumes up to 1 liter, with lotion pumps, foam pumps, sprayers, flip caps, disc caps are suitable for shampoo bottle packaging as shampoo containers and lotion packaging. Different volumes and customize available, contact us for details.

cylinder hdpe bottles

Cylinder Lotion Packging Bottles

HDPE cylinder round bottles with multi dispensing caps like disc caps, sprayers, lotion pumps for shampoo bottle packaging, shampoo and conditioner cotnainers.

amber shampoo container

Boston Round Lotion Packging Bottles

Classical boston round lotion bottles, amber color or green color available, for light sensitive lotion packaging, shampoo and conditioner cotnainers.


PETG Shampoo Containers

PETG  elegant square lotion packaging bottles with pump in different colors for shampoo bottle packaging and shampoo containers.

square shampoo bottles

Square HDPE Shampoo Bottles

HDPE Square bottle compatible with lotion pump, disc cap flip caps, screw caps, etc.., Suitable for your otion packaging, shampoo and conditioner cotnainers.


Gold pump shampoo bottle packaging

Round black lotion packaging bottle with pump for your shampoo and conditioner cotnainers.

lotion bottles.jpg

Cosmo Round Lotion Pump Bottles

HDPE cosmo round bottle compatible with lotion pump, disc cap flip caps, screw caps, etc.., Suitable for your shampoo containers for shower, lotion packaging.

Liquid sanitizer and skin care packaging Ideas

Variety shape of PET, HDPE bottles with lotion pumps, foaming pumps, sprayers, flip caps are widely used for skin care packaging ideas. Different volumes and customize available, contact us for details.

pet foaming bottles

PET Foam pump bottles

Clear PET foam pump bottle packaging skin care of alcohol,sanitiser, disinfectant, person care pacakging.

Foam bottles-3plastics.jpeg

HDPE Foaming Bottles

HDPE Foaming Bottles packaging skin care for shower gels, hand soap, liquid sanitizer skin care packagings

pet saniziter bottles

Hand Saniziter bottles

PET clear flip cap hand sanitizer bottle pocket perfume spray bottle, travel packaging skin care.

essential oil bottles

Essential Oil Dropper Bottles

High end durable and safe plastic dropper bottles for serum, essential oil packaging skin care.

cylinder shower gel hdpe bottles

Shower gel bottles

Empty refillable cylinder HDPE bottles packaging skin care for shower, bathroom shower, liquid body soap shampoo conditioners for showers. 

square flat lotion bottles

Flat body oil HDPE Bottles

Colorful square flat shape hdpe bottles with flip cap for packaging skin care such as body oil, shampoo and conditioner contains, shampoo containers for shower,

Private Label Hair Care Packaging

VarIous HDPE or PET Plastic bottles with twist cap, dropper tip, sprayers, treatment pumps are ideal for hair care packaging design and private label hair care packaging. 3Plastics can meet specific customer hair care products packaging needs includes hair salon containers, conditioner bottles, hair color bottles, hair cleansing, hair glue, and more.
skin care and hair salon containers for your salon product line! Our plastic bottles and jars or our metal tins could be perfect for use as shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, hair color bottles, skin care containers, and more!

Twist top Squeeze Bottle

Twist top Squeeze Bottle

The squeezable LDPE bottle with twist top is popular for hair cleansing , hair glue, hair care packaging design

mist spray bottles

Fine Mist Spray Bottles

Cosmo round bottles with fine mist sprayers for a hair care packaging misting applications. 

pump bottles

Hair Serum Bottles

These plastic bottles with treatement pump could be used to argan oil,tame frizzy hair or soothe dry scalps and more hair care packagings. 

Trigger Spray bottles

Trigger Spray bottles

Trigger Spray HDPE Plastic bottles which is classical private label hair care packaging design, different volumes available

LDPE Droper Bottles

Hair Glue Dropper Bottles

Squeezable LDPE dropper bottles, which is a new creative hair care packaging design for hair glues, hair cleansing

hair care containers

Hair Care Packaging Containers 

Durable HDPE Boston round bottles with easy dispensing  disc top caps,sprayers, pumps for use with shampoo salons hair care product.

Eco Friendly Sustainable Skincare Packaging

Are you looking for sustainable skincare packaging?  We can make Post Consumer Resin (PCR), like HDPE PCR, PET PCR material jars or bottles, or develop biodegradable skincare bottles made from plants for the eco friendly skincare packaging in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors and volumes.
By collaborates with The University and Lab,  3Plastic is committed to the eco friendly and sustainable skincare packaging solutions. a specialist in the analysis of eco friendly cosmetic packaging and its consequences. Also we are happy to develop eco friendly sustainable skincare packaging further in partnership with a customer – Contact us to discuss more and get your custom eco friendly skincare packaging now.

Customizable skin care packaging solutions

The brand decoration for skin care packaging including silk screen printing , hot stamping, heat transfer printing, labeling, shrink sleeving labels ect..  View More
In addition to the printing and labeling application service, we can custom the colours of the skin care packaging containers as per customer's requirements  and offer a wide range of decorative effects from the matte frost to spray coating, electrplating and more.
Do not hesitate to Contact our decoration experts now to complete your cosmetic packaging marketing vision and make your cosmetic products stand out from the competition.

If a standard bottle doesn’t fulfill your requirements, 3plastics can offer custom-made skincare packaging containers, we have an independent design department and blowing mold or injection mold department. 3D prototypes can be made for your reference. Our experienced R&D department can help you to make your idea a reality.  

 We are very responsible and professional to make the products you want. A better business needs more communication, sure if you have any difficulties or concerns about the product or shipping that may probably need please share them with us so that we can offer to help with our professional product knowledge or experience.

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