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Sanitizing Products

Household & Commercial Packaging


3Plastics manufactures various sizes and shapes of containers, bottles with dispensing closures and offers one-stop packaging solutions for laundry, air care, cleaning, disinfectants, insecticides agricultural chemicals and more

In addition,  we can custom design and mold service to make your idea into reality.

Select from our popular household and commercial packaging containers, or just send us your specific requirements and our specialists will send you samples.


Popular Household Packaging Containers

Variety shape of PET, HDPE plastic bottles in volumes up to 1 liter, with dispensing caps like trigger sprayer, foam pumps, sprayers, flip caps, disc caps. Different volumes and customize available, contact us for details.

Plastic Jugs for household liquid packaging

HDPE Plastic utility jugs or F style plastic jugs are perfect for storage, transport, and mixing liquids for households products.
Easy to carry, easy to pour, made of durable and chemical resistant HDPE material
Volumes from 500ml, 1liter, or 1 gallon.
Colusers selection comes in screw caps, foaming pumps.

plastic jugs hdpe

Gallon Utility Jugs

HDPE Material, easy carrying


F Style HDPE Jugs

F style design,100ml, 500ml 1000ml


1 Gallon F-Style Jugs

1 gallon big volume plastic jugs

HDPE and PET Plastic Bottles with trigger sprayers, dispensing pump

Plastic bottles with trigger sprayers are perfect for watering houseplants, house cleaning, washing window, ironing and more.

 As a factory, 3plastics can offer different shapes and sizes of the bottles, including cylinder round, Boston round, square, modern round, or customized as per customer's design. Dispensing cap solutions include trigger sprayers, fine mist spraying, flip caps, coaming pump, disc cap, lotion pump, and more.

Popular materials include PET and HDPE. 

PET plastic: PET has high tensile strength, reinforced PET has low creep, good wear resistance, and friction resistance.

PE plastic: polyethylene has low tensile strength, poor creep resistance, poor environmental stress cracking resistance, and good impact resistance.  The natural color of HDPE is translucent, if must be transparent, PET bottles are better, amber PET bottles are good for higher barrier properties and opaqueness requirements.

cylinder shower gel hdpe bottles

HDPE Cylinder Bottles

Empty refillable cylinder HDPE bottles packaging with sprayers. 

multifunctional HDPE mist spray bottle.jpg

Carafe Spray Cleaning Bottle

multifunctional Carafe  mist spray bottle

HDPE or clear PET available

pet foaming bottles

PET Foam pump bottles

Clear PET foam pump bottle packaging of alcohol, sanitiser, disinfectant,

pet saniziter bottles

Hand Saniziter bottles

PET clear flip cap hand sanitizer bottle pocket perfume spray bottle, travel packaging skin care.

colorful trigger spray bottles

Colorful PET Spray Bottles

 Multi color washing plastic water trigger spray bottle

Trigger Spray bottles

HDPE Trigger Spray Bottle

 HDPE Trigger Spray Bottle for  Watering Air Freshener Cleaning

Foam bottles-3plastics.jpeg

HDPE Foaming Bottles

HDPE Foaming Bottles for shower gels, hand soap, liquid sanitizer 

colorful PET trigger spray bottles

PET Plastic Square Sprayer Bottle,

Colorful PET spray bottle for alcohol, sanitizer, disinfectant.

Trigger Spray Bottles

HDPE Trigger Spray Bottle

HDPE or clear PET available,with good quality gun style trigger spray


Flat body oil HDPE Bottles

1 litre HDPE Plastic Bottle with foam pump or screw cap selection

HDPE Wet Wipes Plastic Canister 

 HDPE wet wipes canisters can be used across a number of industries. Professional Grade Cleaning An innovative disposable wet wipe these heavy-duty hand towels are tough enough to scrub away dirt grime and sticky. Easy access to just one wipe at a time.

Advantages of Plastic packaging for household

1. lightweight, easy to process
Plastic packaging bottles of raw materials including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, etc., the relative density distribution between 0.90-2.2, light weight, and easy to process molding, through different processing techniques, can be made into a variety of shapes of plastic containers, such as skin care packaging for toner bottles, essence bottles, shampoo bottles for daily necessities packaging, laundry detergent cleaning solution bottles, etc.

2. impermeable, moisture-proof
Plastic packaging bottles can be used for both the packaging of liquid items and solid items. Thanks to the density and barrier properties of the material itself, it can prevent the solution from seeping out and avoid the deterioration of solid items by moisture.

3. Wide distribution of mechanical strength
Some plastics are as hard as stone and steel, and some are as soft as paper and leather; from the mechanical properties of plastics such as hardness, tensile strength, elongation and impact strength, the distribution is wide and there is a large choice of use. Because of the small specific gravity and high strength of plastic, thus has a high specific strength.


4. Plastic bottles have obvious performance advantages and are not fragile, easy to transport packaging

Eco Friendly Household Packaging

Are you looking for recycled house hold packaging?  We can make Post Consumer Resin (PCR), like HDPE PCR, PET PCR material jars, or bottles for the eco-friendly household home care packaging in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors and volumes.
By collaborates with The University and Lab,  3Plastic is committed to the eco-friendly and sustainable skin care packaging solutions. Also we are happy to develop eco-friendly house hold packaging further in partnership with a customer – Contact us to discuss more and get your custom eco friendly skincare packaging now.

Customizable Household packaging solutions

The brand decoration for skin care packaging including silk screen printing , hot stamping, heat transfer printing, labeling, shrink sleeving labels ect..  View More
In addition to the printing and labeling application service, we can custom the colours of the skin care packaging containers as per customer's requirements  and offer a wide range of decorative effects from the matte frost to spray coating, electrplating and more.
Do not hesitate to Contact our decoration experts now to complete your cosmetic packaging marketing vision and make your cosmetic products stand out from the competition.


Mold Design&Custom

custom plastic bottle design - 3plastics.jpeg
Customized molding -3plastics.jpg

Custom Design Service

Turn Your Idea Into A Reality

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