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Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic Packaging


In cosmetic packaging field, 3Plastics offers variety of plastic cosmetic jars, bottles and more in a wide range of capacity, range, style for your cosmetic packaging needs.

As a professional cosmetic packaging containers manufacturer, 3Plastics has been experienced in design and manufacturing custom cosmetic packaging containers since 1993.

3Plastic's creativity and flexibility in design and manufacturing plastic package benefits customers a lot. Our a value-added printing and decoration service for cosmetic packaging that ensures that customers who chose 3Plastics get to save money and time while standing out from the rest of the competition. 

Select from our popular cosmetic packaging containers, or send us your specific requirements and we’ll send you samples of the products for your cosmetic packagings!


Popular Cosmetic Packaging Containers

The plastic bottles and plastic jar come in multiple sizes, and styles may make a ideal way to cosmetic package. 

Application like bottes with sprayers, pumps, flip caps, disc caps for make up removers, setting spray, serum ect..  ldpe squeezable dropper bottles for liquid foundation, small sampling pots or bottles for mini cosmetic packaging of foundation, concealer, tester. Clear cosmetic packaging jars with screw cap for nail polish powders, dipping powder and other cosmetic line products.

Here are some of our popular cosmetic packaging jars and bottles resources. 

Luxury Cosmetic Packaging jar

Luxury Cosmetic Packaging jar

Electroplated lid cosmetic packaging jars for nail dip powder storage and other luxury cosmetic packaging containers.

clear plastic jars with black and white lid

Cosmetic Packaging Containers

 Common stright side PS PET plastic cosmetic packaging jar with  screw cap in variety volume. Ideal for your cosmetic packaging design and storage.

black bottles with treatment pump

Pump Bottles

Boston round cosmetic packaging plastic bottles for make-up remover, liquid foundation, bottles with mist sprayers for setting spray.

Cosmetic Sample Packaging Jars

Cosmetic Sample Packaging Jars

Mini PS rigid plastic jars,  creative mini cosmetic sample packaging ideas for liquid foundation , eyeshadow containers

liquid foundation bottles

Liquid foundation Bottles

Creative squeezable ldpe dropper bottles for your liquid foundation cosmetic packaging design, each squeeze can be controlled

nail polish bottles

Nail Polish Bottles

Skirt shape nail polish PETG bottles for one of our customers. We can custom the unique shape of bottles or other cosmetic packaging design. Contact us now

Cosmetic Packaging Container

Cosmetic Packaging Container

15ml PS PP 3 component plastic cosmetic packaging jar for concealer eye shadow tray cosmetic packaging containers

picture of dramming bottles

Cosmetic Sample Packaging Bottles

Flexible easy to squeeze dramming bottles for packaging or sampling foundations, lotions, serums or other cosmetic sample packaging

nail pump remover bottle

Nail Remover Bottles

Special Pump bottles in different volume for nail remover and other cosmetic pacakging design and container

Wholesale Cosmetic Packaging Container


As a manufacturer, 3Plastic can offer a full range of cosmetic packaging containers at wholesale prices and accept small order cosmetic packaging of some stocked items. In addition, by buying in bulk, you can get amazing prices on any type of product and convenient to extend your cosmetic products shelf time.  As professional luxury cosmetic packaging,cosmetic sample packaging,biodegradable cosmetic packaging suppliers, 3Plastics combines high quality and excellent customer services in its wholesale cosmetic packaging. See more products and get your cosmetic packaging now.


Eco Friendly Cosmetic Packaging

3Plastic is committed to the eco friendly and sustainable cosmetic packaging solutions:

Post Consumer Resin (PCR), like HDPE PCR, PET PCR material jars bottles for the eco friendly cosmetic packaging in a full range of sizes, shapes, colors and volumes to choose from; The PCR or post consumer resin is an economic eco friendly packaging solution.

Biodegradable material like Polyacti Acid (PLA), which can be 100% biodegradable and compostable,  the cost of bio material is much higher than regular oil-based polymers and normally need to make a new suitable mould for production. But the biodegradable cosmetic packaging are wholly renewable, and cut the carbon footprint to negative levels.
As one of the biodegradable cosmetic packaging suppliers, To further the commitment to the environmental cause while ensuring that only the best quality eco friendly cosmetic packaging containers are produced and handed over to the customers, 3Plastics collaborates with The University and Lab, a specialist in the analysis of eco friendly cosmetic packaging and its consequences. Also we are happy to develop eco friendly cosmetic packaging further in partnership with a customer – Contact us to discuss more amd get your custom eco friendly cosmetic packaging now.

1.PCR eco friendly cosmetic packaging

2. Biodegradable cosmetic packaging

Custom Cosmetic Packaging to Make Your Brand Stand out

3Plastic offers compelet in-house decoration facilities for your cosmetic packaging design and brand decoration, including silk screen printing , hot stamping, heat transfer printing, labeling, shrink sleeving labels ect..  View More
In addition to the printing and labeling application service, we can custom the colours of the cosmetic packaging containers with the addition of coloured masterbatch during the production,  and offer a wide range of decorative effects from the matte frost to spray coating, electrplating and more.
Do not hesitate to Contact our decoration experts now to complete your cosmetic packaging marketing vision and make your cosmetic products stand out from the competition.

Custom Moulding for your Cosmetic Packaging

If you can't find the exactly right design of the cosmetic packaging containers within our existing wide range moulds, or want your logo engraved in the containers.  3Plastics has its own design department and mold department , can make the custom cosmetic packaging jars and bottles according to customer’s sample or drawing . If your do not have sample or drawing , it is also ok to send the details or idea, our experienced R&D department can  help you to make your idea into a reality.  

The brief process is as below :

1. Send us your idea or sample in AI or PDF format;
2. 3D drawing will be offered for your approval;
3. Develop mold and sampling; 
4. Samples for your approval;
5. Mass production and shipment.

Each step will be followed by your confirmation. We are very responsible and professional to make the products you want. A better business needs more communication, sure if you have any difficulties or concerns about product or shipping that may probably need please share them to us so that we can offer to help with our professional product knowledge or experience.

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